For the time being, travel is going to be a bit different than we’ve experienced before. As the world collectively dusts itself off and starts looking over the horizon, here’s what Encore is doing to ensure groups will have a positive, safe and life-changing travel experience in the year ahead.

Safety Focused Travel

Our mission compels us to find ways to live fully and experience a world that is increasingly complex. To achieve this mission, we take every precaution to ensure that our groups are safe and secure while traveling with us.

As a member of the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), we are also participating in USTOA’s TourCare program. TourCare Guidelines provide direction tour operators across all touchpoints of a trip – staff, suppliers, and passengers – to ensure that health and sanitization protections are in place for each stakeholder and the communities visited.

As we adapt to this unprecedented situation, we are reviewing additional measures to ensure the utmost safety for all of our travelers.

Performance Protocols

We are carefully reviewing our protocols related to audience capacity, outdoor venue options, stage design, additional impromptu performances, physical distancing guidelines, and increased customization options.

Tour Manager Protocols

Our Health & Safety Team is developing new protocols for tour managers to follow every day on tour.

Handling Illness on Tour

Included health protection provides immediate care and transportation to bring sick participants home or parents to sick participants if need be. Encore staff will be dispatched to the scene to assist in any way possible.

Coordinating with Partners

We are reviewing plans with hotel, transportation and activity providers and adjusting itineraries where needed.

24/7 Coverage

Our worldwide duty officer system operates around the clock to react instantly to concerns.

On-Tour Protection

We are building out plans for masks, hand sanitizers, temperature checks, and physical distancing.

Plan With Confidence!

We've made it easier than ever to register for a life-changing performance tour with our new Worry-Free Guarantee. New directors or participants interested in enrolling in a 2022 trip can register any time before August 1, and if you need to cancel your tour for any reason before October 1, 2021 we will refund 100% of the money paid to Encore. This offer provides travelers with peace of mind, and allows directors to begin planning their next tour with confidence.

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Improved Flexibility and Security

At Encore, we consider the safety of participants to be our top priority. We also want travelers to feel confident about booking their next trip. That's why we're excited to announce our the latest enhancements to our industry-leading Protection Plans.

With our Ultimate-Plus Protection Plan, you have complete flexibility in planning your upcoming tour. Cancel for any reason up to 4 days before your departure, and you will still receive a full cash refund!

Free Substitutions

We cherish the relationships that we have formed with our directors, and we take pride in the wonderful experiences that our tours can offer your musicians. We know that recruiting may prove challenging, so we have made several policy enhancements to ensure maximum flexibility and peace of mind. If any participants need to cancel, you will have the opportunity to replace that person with a new participant at no additional cost. With mutual consent between the parties, funds may be transferred between the parties.

Note: Fees may apply within 90 days prior to departure.

Safe Travel Enhancements

In our nearly three decades of operating performance around the world, we have had to navigate around all kinds of different safety and security concerns. Our top priority has always been ensuring the welfare of each and every participant on our tours. Just as we work tirelessly to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences to group leaders and their ensembles, we are equally committed to ensuring that all of our travelers return home safely. That's why we have introduced a new set of protocols to ensure you can enjoy your touring experience with comfort and piece of mind.

Additionally, we have made several tweaks to the pre-departure and on-tour experience to ensure that your group feels excited and confident about your trip.

Tour Guide System

New Personalized Headsets for Touring

Our new tour guide systems ensure that you and your group can enjoy every destination and venue. These lightweight devices deliver crystal clear audio quality and unrivaled range, allowing your group members to avoid large crowds and freely explore each stop on your tour.

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Virtual Recruitment Meetings

Get your passengers excited to travel! As a safe alternative to in-person meetings, Encore will be hosting virtual recruitment sessions on Zoom. Your Tour Consultant and Tour Manager will organize the call, review your itinerary, explain pricing and deadlines, and answer any questions your passengers may have.

Financial Security

Encore, ACIS, and our parent company, AIFS, is a reliable and financially stable organization with over 50 years experience. As of December 31, 2020, AIFS maintains over $130 million in cash, including a $50 million loan provided through the Main Street Lending Program (MSLP) authorized under the CARES Act. These cash reserves not only represent our fiduciary responsibility to safeguard our participants’ deposits, but also assure our ability to deliver the high-quality service to which our customers have become accustomed.

AIFS also maintains high-quality real estate holdings, adding over $90 million to our already sizable accumulation of assets and allowing access to further liquidity when needed. These properties increase the assurance and reliability that AIFS can deliver high quality educational travel programming for years to come.

In addition, AIFS holds a $51 million general liability insurance policy with Lexington Insurance Company covering school districts and teachers. We can provide a certificate of liability upon request.

Travel Vouchers FAQ

What are Encore Tours travel vouchers?

At Encore, our travel vouchers give you the opportunity to springboard toward future travel. They serve as a credit for your next trip with Encore, ACIS, or our parent company, AIFS. Our travel vouchers retain the value of all money paid into a traveler’s account less any refund amounts and/or cancellation fees.

How can I redeem my travel vouchers?

Our travel vouchers give you a chance to springboard toward future travel with Encore, ACIS, or our parent company, AIFS. You can use the voucher on any Encore performance tour or ACIS program outside of the USA and Canada. Vouchers can also be used on college-level programs, namely AIFS’ College Study Abroad and Global Experience’s international internship programs. Study abroad programs are offered in 22 different countries, with short-term, semester and academic year options. Internships are available in 13 different locations and cover career fields ranging from business to non-profit to technical fields.

Our vouchers are fully transferable, so you can easily sell them to a friend or colleague who is interested in traveling on any of these programs. If your 2020 tour was re-scheduled due to COVID-19, your vouchers would need to be redeemed for travel starting before December 31, 2022. Vouchers issued in 2021 are good through December 31, 2023.

What should I know about rolling over my tour to a future date?

For the groups that are rolling their trip to 2022, all money paid to date will be automatically applied to the new trip. We are also working with group leaders to create customized options for people who will no longer be part of the ensemble at that time.