Start earning rewards today with Encore's new Affiliate Program! Our program offers companies and individuals a unique suite of benefits including travel rewards, commission bonuses, advertising opportunities, and much more. Learn more information about these benefits below:

Travel Benefits

Encore has been an industry leader for nearly three decades because we are tirelessly committed to delivering high-quality music trips for a wide-ranging assortment of groups. Our extensive experience and vast overseas network allow us to deliver one-of-a-kind travel experiences, with access to the type of incredible highlights that are typically off limits to the public.

Whether you want to enjoy a private reception on the rooftop of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna, a private performance at the Stradivarius in Cremona, or a behind-the-scenes tour at the Estates Theatre in Prague, our team is able to deliver almost anything that you can imagine. Do you want to experience one of these musical highlights? Learn more about how that's possible with our suite of distinctive travel benefits.

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Build Your Own Itinerary

Interested in taking a free trip to a fabulous overseas destination? As a member of our affiliate program, you have the opportunity to customize your own performance tour or music appreciation trip and, if it runs, you would receive free airfare, hotel accomodations, and commission for every passenger that signs up. We'll leverage our dedicated staff and overseas network to help build your dream itinerary, advertise the trip through our channels, and ensure it runs exactly as envisioned.

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Invitation to Prelude

Qualifying partners may be invited to speak at Prelude, our professional development weekend for ensemble directors, which takes place each year in a musically significant destination. This is a great way to network with a large group of music directors as they experience the local culture and arts through various sightseeing excursions, culinary delights, and professional performances.

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Create Your Own White-Label Tour

Members of our affiliate program have the opportunity to create their own "white-label" tours. We have found that re-branding your own fully customizable trip and selling it to donors or patrons has served as a lucrative fundraising opportunity while also creating an unforgettable experience for the travelers. Whether you're building your own margin into the trip or requesting donations while on-tour, this is a tried-and-true strategy to raise money for your organization.

Earn Commission For Referrals

When you refer a contact to Encore Tours, you can earn up to $2,000 for a Group Leader on our Performance Trips and $250 for an individual traveler on our Music Appreciation Trips! Members of the Encore Tours affiliate program will be provided with a personalized website banner as well as a unique landing page to track any leads generated through your channels. Additionally, partners who generate more than 20 new leads will be paid an additional commission of $100.

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Advertising Opportunities

With Encore's Affiliate Program, you can effectively market your product with a low budget, low effort and time, and at a well-contained risk level. Over the years, we have developed close relationships with a wealth of accomplished directors, prominent music organizations, concert promoters, international suppliers, and many others. With our affiliate program, you can directly reach these highly-coveted connections, helping to ensure a high return on your investment, increased brand awareness, and steady business growth.

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Gain Access to Encore's Database

All of our partners will have access to our extensive email database, which includes the over 5,000 qualified music directors and over 15,000 youth and adult musicians. This is an excellent opportunity to extend the reach of your brand, generate qualified leads, and increase overall sales with a highly targeted marketing campaign.

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Interact Directly With Directors

Partners can interact directly with music directors by joining us for an Encore Live event – an online webinar about a predetermined topic or destination. With our vast overseas network, we can deliver a unique variety of incredible online events whether it is a live concert on the roof of St. Stephen’s Cathedral or a masterclass delivered by a world-renowned conductor.

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Work With Our Talented Team

Our affiliates have full access to our marketing and design team should you be interested in co-branding a webinar, podcast, guest blog, or e-Book. You will also have full access to our talented team of Program Consultants to assist with recruitment, fundraising, repertoire building, and so much more!

Learn More About Our Affiliate Program

Would you like to learn more about joining our affiliate program? Speak with a member of our staff who will help you find the right combination of benefits to meet your goals.

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