For nearly three decades, Encore has delivered life-changing performance tours in remarkable venues across the world. We have worked tirelessly to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences to music directors and their ensembles, and we intend on continuing that proud tradition. We are also acutely aware that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel is going to look a bit different than anything we have previously experienced.

Our safety and support infrastructure has been a cornerstone of our business, and we have strengthened our policies and incentives for anybody traveling with Encore in 2021 and beyond. Similarly, we understand that many ensembles are dealing with unprecedented challenges, which is why we have worked tirelessly to develop new and exciting product offerings for individuals and small groups.

We know that traveling with a complete ensemble may be difficult, so we have created alternative travel options for musicians and ensembles of all shapes and sizes. Want to visit some of the world's most famous musical destinations? Our music appreciation tours feature exciting new itineraries filled with unique highlights that only Encore can provide. Still hoping to tour, but worried about your group size? With our new choral festival itineraries, you can travel with just a handful of performers or even join performers from different ensembles. These are several new options for interested travelers, so please read more about our new offerings below!

Music Appreciation Tours

Looking to travel the world, but worried that recruitment could prove difficult? Interested in visiting the places in which your favorite composers created their most famous works? Delve into choral and symphonic history with one of our new music appreciation itineraries! Our programs are designed to delight music lovers with a blend of live musical performances, workshops led by renowned directors, and excursions to some of the world's most historic musical destinations.

These exclusive trips are limited to 20 participants to ensure safe travel, easy maneuverability, and the opportunity to bond with like-minded companions. Enjoy the comfort of a full-sized, 52-seat bus as you attend incredible performances in legendary venues, visit historic landmarks, and savor some of Europe's finest culinary delights.

Austria Landscape

Legends of Classical Music - 10 Days

5 Vienna - 3 Salzburg

On this custom 10-day music appreciation tour, you'll experience the finest art and culture that Austria has to offer! Learn about the legends who helped define a genre as you visit the European capital of classical music.

June 19-28, 2022
September 18-27, 2022
>Schonbrunn Palace

A Musical Journey Through Central Europe - 10 Days

2 Berlin - 2 Leipzig - 1 Dresden - 3 Prague

This 10-day music appreciation tour takes you through some of the most musically and culturally rich cities in Central Europe, including Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden and Prague. Explore these beautiful regions and experience their incredible music traditions, culture, cuisine, and architecture!

June 17-26, 2022
September 15-24, 2022
Viva Italia

Sicily and Rome with Phil Aguglia - 10 Days

5 Sicily - 3 Rome

Join special guest Phil Aguglia for this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Take in the incredible beauty and culture of two distinctly wonderful Italian regions, dine at the finest restaurants, bond with like-minded music lovers, and enjoy all the wonderful surprises in between. There may even be a chance to play, so please bring your instrument!

July 11-20, 2022

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