Why Encore?

With almost three decades of industry leadership, Encore Tours has consistently set the standard for exceptional musical travel experiences. Our enduring success is a testament to the loyalty of group leaders who entrust their unforgettable musical journeys to us time and time again. Discover our unique suite of director benefits, perform in dynamic venues, and rest in well-located hotels that make us the preferred choice for music directors across the country.

Experience Matters

At Encore Tours, our team consists of music educators, musicians, and travel experts who possess a deep understanding of the distinct requirements of musical groups. Our extensive experience includes the successful organization of tours for hundreds of choirs, orchestras, and bands. This wealth of experience equips us with the knowledge and expertise to create seamless and unforgettable journeys for our clients.

Your Music, Your Way

We understand that each musical group is unique, and that’s why we offer fully customized itineraries designed to cater to your ensemble’s specific preferences and goals. From selecting the perfect performance venues to curating culturally enriching experiences, it’s all about you. Our dedicated team works closely with you, ensuring that your tour becomes a genuine reflection of your musical aspirations. With us, your journey is truly one-of-a-kind.

Take the Global Stage

Open the door to incredible performance opportunities on a global scale. Whether your dream is to sing in historic cathedrals, play in renowned concert halls, or have an impromptu performance in a meaningful setting, we can make it happen. Join the ranks of musicians who have had the privilege of showcasing their talents on international stages, and form lifetime memories with your ensemble.

the conductor

Unparalleled Support

Our commitment to you extends beyond planning and booking. We provide 24/7 support, ensuring your tour is as stress-free as possible. From managing intricate travel logistics to handling unexpected emergencies, we’ve got you covered. Your dedicated Encore Tour Manager will be with you every step of the way, allowing you to focus entirely on the music while we take care of the rest.

Customize Your Tour

Are you ready to take your ensemble to new places? Get a quote from one of our tour consultants who will help you customize a trip to meet your goals.

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“Having traveled with other companies over the past 30 years, I can say that Encore provided higher quality hotels, better food, outstanding tour guides, better venues and an audience for our concerts. The tour guides took our students seriously and understood that this was a music/educational concert tour.”

Gerry D.
Choir Director

“We had a great variety of venues to sing in and our audiences were very appreciative of our musical gifts. My students loved all our venues – the Bach connection in Thomaskirche, the hospital connection in Halle, the interesting singing history of the Prague concert hall, and the beautiful Baroque setting and fabulous acoustics of Peterskirche in Vienna. I only wish we had more time!”

Penny S.
Music Director