Band Trips

When it comes to planning your next band tour, learn why so many directors choose Encore. We understand the needs of band directors, and are attuned to your ensemble’s unique needs. Trusted by band leaders around the country, we stand out as the top choice, thanks to our 30-year track record of excellence and unparalleled insight into the complexities of band travel. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our best-in-class instrument insurance, freeing band leaders to focus on delivering memorable performances. Whether your preference is a world-class concert hall, an extraordinary outdoor venue, or the vibrant atmosphere of a music festival, Encore is poised to craft a journey that exceeds all your expectations and aspirations.

What type of bands are traveling?

From small, adult jazz combos to large high school marching bands, all band groups can feel at home on their Encore band trip.

  • High School Marching Bands

  • High School Concert Bands

  • College/University Marching Bands

  • College/University Wind Ensembles

  • Elementary and Middle School Bands

  • Community Bands

  • Jazz Bands

Your Band Trip Experience

Appropriate Venues for Your Band

Based on your band’s size, experience, ability and repertoire, we’ll hand-pick appropriate indoor or outdoor venues just for you. We guarantee your venue will be suitable for your ensemble.

Instrument & Equipment Rentals

We take care of all your instrument and equipment rental needs. Whether you need a tuba, sound system or large percussion instruments, we’ll handle it for you.

High-Quality Instrument Trucks

Coach space is limited with your group’s luggage. Upon request, we’ll book an additional instrument truck to travel alongside your group carefully transporting your instruments.

Instrument Insurance

Both our Ultimate and Ultimate-Plus Insurance plans offer instrument insurance for traveling passengers. Upgrade to additional insurance by speaking with your Tour Consultant.

Instrument Storage

We’ll keep your instruments in a safe, separate location at your hotel, plus, we’ll work with your venues or coach driver to ensure a safe storage space for your things during the performances.

Set-Up, Sound Checks and Rehearsals

Your Program Managers will work with you to determine how much time you will need and will coordinate this with your chosen venues.

Publicity Materials

Your band’s press kit is of the utmost importance when requesting to play in venues overseas. Our Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Band’s Press Kit will guide you along the process of how to put this together.

Repertoire Selection & Approval

Whether playing in an outdoor bandstand or a beautiful concert hall, repertoire selection is key to a successful band trip. We’ll help you select your touring repertoire and pass it along to your venues for approval.

Attire & Changing Rooms

Uniforms, tuxedos or something else? We’ll keep you informed of what band attire you’ll need to bring and we’ll even book your changing rooms in advance.

Balance & Ringers

We know that your band’s balance is important during your recruitment strategies. We’ll help you keep an eye on your instrumentation as passengers register and can even hire ringers if you need them!

Joint Concerts, Workshops and Benefit Concerts

Looking to work with a local band while playing overseas? Want a workshop with a local band director? Or want to raise money for a certain charity during your performance? Ask us to include some of these options in your proposal.

Customize Your Tour

Are you ready to take your ensemble to new places? Get a quote from one of our tour consultants who will help you customize a trip to meet your goals.

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Popular Band Trip Itineraries

Oh, Canada!

5 Days / 2 Montreal / 2 Quebec

Avventura Musicale

9 Days / 2 Venice Mestre / 2 Florence / 3 Rome

Popular International Band Venues

American Cemetery


Honoring nearly 10,000 American soldiers who died in Europe during World War II, this site is a historical landmark in memory of the 1944 invasion of Normandy. This cemetery and memorial is located near Omaha Beach and the English Channel, close to the Normandy landings. With the US flag flying proudly, visitors can attend the flag-lowering ceremony, which occurs twice each day. Performances here are sure to be emotional and inspiring.

Palazzo Cittanova


Built after the Piazza del Comune, or city hall, this two-story building was once a headquarters for the merchants of fustian, a barracks, and a headquarters for the notary. Over the years there have been slight changes to its structure to accommodate the changes in its function. Today, it is used for meetings and events. Its history and unique architecture make it a perfect backdrop for our groups’ performances.

Parade Garden’s Bandstand


The Parade Garden’s Bandstand sits at the beautiful Victorian Garden’s center. The gardens sit alongside the River Avon and contain some of the best floral bedding displays in Great Britain. Though the garden is a very popular picnicking spot, it also houses an outdoor café. In the summer months, concerts and children’s entertainment programs are held in the bandstand. A beautiful spot to simultaneously bask in sunlight and perform for local and foreign onlookers

Amaryllis Fleming Hall, Royal College of Music


Located in the Royal College of Music, this concert hall can accommodate large orchestras/choirs and features new lighting and sound equipment, perfect for capturing professional shots and recordings of your ensemble! Joint concerts are also possible with the college students for a nice international exchange.

INBioparque Educational Center Amphitheater

San Jose

This 300-seat covered amphitheater is situated in the famous INBioparque ecological park in San Jose. While outdoors, the shell provides an acoustical setup perfect for any ensemble.

Schönbrunn Orangerie


Formerly a Baroque greenhouse and now an event center, the Orangerie Schönbrunn has hosted many live performances from all ensemble types and is the official site of the palace concerts. The building dates back to 1745 and originally housed not only the Empress Wilhelmine Amalie’s orange plants but also many royal events and festivities.

Hofið (the Temple)


The Hof Cultural and Conference Center is located in the city of Akureyri in Northern Iceland. The center has a wonderful concert hall used for many professional performances in the area. With a well-equipped stage, seating for up to 510 in the audience and excellent sound systems, this venue is perfect for any ensemble type.

L’église de la Nativité, Québec

Québec City

L’église de la Nativité has suffered several fires over the course of its history. In 1918 the fourth and current church was built by the famous architect Georges-émile Tanguay. Tanguay was well known throughout Europe for his gothic-style architecture. This beautiful church is in the heart of Québec’s historic district, Vieu-Bourg de Beauport.

Oscar Peterson Hall at Concordia University


This hall has hosted internationally-renowned musicians, including members of Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Arlo Guthrie, Ranee Lee and Oliver Jones. The intimate 570-seat hall draws from Japanese influences as seen the horizontal grid of birch planks that forms the stage’s backdrop. The spacious hardwood stage is easily seen from all vantage points in the room, and adjustable acoustic panels allow for a wide spectrum of natural sound.

Central Conservatory Hall of Beijing


A few minutes’ drive from Tiananmen Square, this concert hall is most well-known as the residence of Prince Chun and the birthplace of Emperor Kuang-hsu of the Qing Dynasty. Many famous Chinese musicians began their journey in this very hall and Encore is thrilled to offer such a prestigious location to our incredibly talented ensembles. This is an excellent venue suitable for choirs and symphony orchestras.

Christ Church Cathedral


Situated in medieval Dublin, Christ Church is not only the seat of the Roman Catholic archbishops but is also the seat of the Church of Ireland. Founded around 1028 the cathedral was rebuilt and renovated many times throughout history and is now accented by flying buttresses, high arching stone ceilings, and, most notably, the Grand Organ which appears to be floating in the air! The Cathedral is home to one of the most reputable choirs in Ireland whose origins trace back to 1493 when the choir school was founded.

Featured Band Festivals

St. Patrick's Day Festival

Dublin, Ireland

Every spring, Dublin is proud to host the St. Patrick’s Day Festival, a 4-day international extravaganza. Imagine marching past Trinity College, Dublin Castle and City Hall while playing your music to a crowd of thousands! Travel with your band to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade for an experience of a lifetime!

Plus perform in the prestigious Limerick International Band Festival, explore Dublin and Belfast, and more.

Rhythms Festival

Multiple Cities, US & Canada

Rhythms International Festivals offer musical groups in the USA and Canada a unique adjudicated festival experience. Each festival is a non-competitive, educational event where ensembles perform in local venues for three expert adjudicators. Every group receives a full hour on stage which includes time for their performance and a Masterclass with a clinician. The festival wraps up with an Awards Banquet dinner and dance, featuring a live band and jam session where students are invited to play.