Taking your Music Program to New Places

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Why Encore?

With Encore Tours, performing before a packed concert hall in historic cities can be more than a dream; we not only take you to inspiring venues, we also provide all the behind-the-scenes support you need to make performance magic happen. We guarantee audiences at all performances, and we take care of the details so you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

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Full Trip Customization

With your musical goals in mind, we’ll customize a performance trip just for you; coordinating the perfect balance of rehearsals, performances, meals and sightseeing excursions.

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Renowned Concert Venues

Our concert venues are hand-picked for your ensemble. The stage layout is pre-planned, concert assistance is provided and you’ll have an audience, guaranteed!

Commitment to Music Ed

Encore is committed to supporting music educators and programs at home. Our Music Ed Resource Center offers a variety of educational materials for music teachers.

Quality Travel Bookings

Centrally-located hotels, restaurants featuring the local cuisine, the best tour managers in the business, access to top sightseeing excursions and more!

Tours Showcase

Ready to get inspired? Explore our sample itineraries designed for choirs, bands, and orchestras, blending cultural immersion with unforgettable performance experiences.

Vivo In Italia

8 Days / 3 Florence / 3 Rome

Czech Republic Adventure

9 Days / 2 České Budějovice / 2 Olomouc / 3 Prague

Spain and France

10 Days / 2 Madrid / 2 Barcelona / 2 Provence / 2 Paris


Discover the perfect setting for your musical story. From iconic venues to picturesque cities, explore the amazing options available throughout the world. Delve into the rich cultural fabric and musical heritage of each destination, and learn about the incredible opportunities that await your ensemble’s unique sound.


Discover magnificent venues and cultural marvels, from Vienna’s majestic halls to Venice’s captivating canals.

View European Destinations


Step into a unique cultural immersion! Discover vibrant cities, ancient histories, and diverse cuisines. Features many opportunities for exchange concerts.

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Latin America

Explore diverse landscapes, from rainforests to beaches. Immerse yourself in local culture through exchange concerts or perform in extraordinary outdoor venues.

View Latin American Destinations

North America

Navigate this musical landscape with ease and accessibility as your ensemble explores incredible venues, from iconic city stages to serene natural settings.

View North American Destinations

Words aren’t enough to describe our trip. Wow, fantastic, awesome, mind blowing, life changing. When words aren’t enough, music can express what can’t be said with words.

Spencer S.
Encore Director, NY
Dresden, Germany

It has been incredible to work with an outstanding organization like Encore to bring our students the ultimate learning experience.

Stephen H.
Encore Director, TX

We had a great variety of venues to sing in and our audiences were very appreciative of our musical gifts. My students loved all our venues…I only wish we had more time!

Penny S.
Encore Director, NY

Having traveled with other companies, I can say Encore provided higher quality hotels, better food, outstanding tour guides, better venues and audiences for our concerts.

Gerry D.
Encore Director, MA

Elevated Experiences

With Encore Experiences, we will take you behind the scenes to provide context to the music you love by offering exclusive access to musicians, venues, famous ensembles, instrument makers and so much more.

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