Choir Trips

When your choir travels with Encore, you’re selecting a partner with unparalleled insight into your group’s unique needs. Renowned for our track record of excellence, we manage all intricacies, freeing directors to immerse themselves in the musical experience. Our expert team tailors every itinerary, ensuring optimal performances in dynamic venues with guaranteed audiences, alongside comfortable accommodations and seamless logistics. Choose Encore and experience the benefits of unwavering support, allowing directors to concentrate on leading and inspiring their ensembles.

What type of choirs are traveling?

Just about everyone! We’ve had choir trips featuring as little as 10 and up to over 100 singers from ages 5 up.

  • Children’s Choirs

  • High School Choirs

  • Handbell Choirs

  • Community Choirs

  • Semi-Pro Choirs

  • Church Choirs

  • Show Choruses

  • College Choirs

  • GALA Choirs

  • Gospel Choirs

  • Jazz Choirs

Your Choir Trip Experience

Appropriate Choral Venues

Based on your choir’s size, experience, ability and repertoire, we’ll hand-pick an appropriate venue just for you. We guarantee that the acoustics, stage size and venue type will be suitable for your choir.

Publicity Materials

Your choir’s press kit is of the utmost importance when requesting to play in venues overseas. Our Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Choir’s Press Kit will guide you along the process of how to put this together.

Repertoire Approval

Whether performing for a Mass, formal performance, or a joint concert, repertoire selection is key to a successful choir trip. We’ll help you select repertoire and get final approval from the venue.

Stage Layouts & Equipment Rentals

Working with risers, altar steps, a flat surface, a choir shell or other stage layout depends on the venue selected for your group. We’ll work with you to solidify your stage layouts and coordinate your equipment rentals.


Wearing choir robes, all black, casual or something else? We’ll keep you informed of what choral attire you need to bring and we’ll even book your changing rooms in advance.

Pianos and Keyboards

Most choirs who are performing non-a cappella pieces require a piano or keyboard rental at each venue. We’ll make sure you have a high-quality rental for your accompanist!

Vocal Warm-Ups

We know how important vocal warm-ups are. We’ll schedule ample time to warm-up and rehearse before each concert! Plus we’ll provide you with water to stay hydrated.


Choir balance is key to recruitment. We’ll help you keep an eye on your balance through our passenger reports and can even customize trips for an unbalanced choir!

Customize Your Tour

Are you ready to take your ensemble to new places? Get a quote from one of our tour consultants who will help you customize a trip to meet your goals.

Get A Quote

“From start to finish our experience with our tour manager (who was AMAZING!), the concerts and the reception we received at each one was beyond my expectations. Our hotels and the meals were absolutely fantastic. We have taken two choir tours with another company and they were great trips but this was by far the best trip we have been on to date. I would highly recommend Encore Tours to any group wanting to do music tours internationally.”

Choir Director, IL

“This trip was a trip of a lifetime…on so many levels. The venues were world-class, the accommodations, meals and transportation were excellent and our tour director was just wonderful. We loved her. This trip was just beyond anything I had anticipated. A trip we will never forget!”

Choir Director, CA

Popular Choir Trip Itineraries

Viva Evita

8 Days / 6 Buenos Aires

Voyage Mélodique

10 Days / 3 Paris / 2 Loire Valley / 2 St. Malo / 1 Paris

Popular International Choral Venues

Salzburg Cathedral


Between 1181 and 1600, a Romanesque cathedral was standing in the place of the present one; its foundations can be seen in the crypt of the church. Salzburg is not called the ‘Rome of the north’ in vain. The Cathedral was hit by American bombs during World War II. It took ten years of hard work to restore the considerable damage. The last part of the restoration was the reconstruction of the 4 organs. This historical venue is a must-perform!

St. Peter’s Basilica


Charged as being “the greatest of all churches of Christendom,” St. Peter’s Basilica, in Vatican City, is nearly 400 years old and possesses a wealth of history, culture, and art. Adorned with works of famous Italian Renaissance artists such as Michelangelo, St. Peter’s is a popular site not only for Christians, but for historians and tourists alike. Not only have Encore groups had the opportunity to explore such a remarkable sight, but some have also performed for the Pope himself!

St. Nicholas Church


This gorgeous baroque-style church right in the Old Town Square of Prague, was completed in 1735. The interior was inspired by the chapel of St. Louis-des-Invalides in Paris. Its prime location in the heart of the main square makes it a wonderful place to hold concerts and attract large audiences.

St. Thomas Church


St. Thomas has been a place of worship for historical figures such as Martin Luther, Mozart, Mendelssohn, and of course, Bach. In fact, Bach was choirmaster at this church for 27 years. Today, this church acts as his final resting place. Although the works he created during his time in Leipzig commanded little attention in his lifetime, they are an important part of his journey to greatness. Dive into the world of Bach and have the chance to perform in a place he once considered home.