March 12, 2013     Sabrina Nikolov

10 Essential Features to Consider When Comparing Performance Tour Companies




10) Does the company guarantee currency rates when calculating the pricing?

9)  Does the company offer both individual and group billing, which takes the finances out of the hands of the Group Leader?

8) Does the company guarantee a good-sized, appreciative audience at all concerts?

7) Does the company carry a $1 million indemnity bond with the USTOA, as well as $50 million general liability insurance that covers Ensemble Leaders and Organizations?

6)  Can the company provide solid references from past clients?

5)  Does the company guarantee satisfaction by offering a Service Guarantee?

4) Is there 24/7 emergency coverage while the group is overseas both in the US and in the country of destination?

3)  Does the company have experience working with renowned venues overseas, such as the Musikverein in Vienna, the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome?

2)  Does the company provide any financial assistance, such as a raffle fundraiser for a trip for two to Paris, where 100% of the proceeds go towards offsetting the costs for the group?

1)  It’s all about the music!  Does the company understand the true importance of the musical elements of the tour and offer fantastic venues in which your ensemble will never forget performing?

At Encore Tours, we say yes to all of these!

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