August 4, 2015     Tori Cook

13 Ways You Know You’re on a Choir Tour


You Know You’re on a Choir Tour When…

You sing Disney show tunes… for hours… and hours…. perfecting the harmony of your “wimoweh’s”.

Most of your singing actually happens on the touring bus instead of your scheduled performances.

The locals stare at you as you walk down Piazza San Marco in your floor-length choir dresses and tuxedos…But, dannnngg, you look good!

You find yourself checking the acoustics of every cathedral you enter instead of looking at the décor.

And, of course, the cathedral’s acoustics make you sound way better than you actually are…Yet, somehow, you’re ok with that!

Someone left their music at home, so your Tour Manager is running all over the city trying to find a place to make copies…Run, Forrest. RUUUUNNNN!

While attending an opera at La Scala, you have an epiphany about what you want to do for a career…I WILL be an opera star!

You thought that the diction on your Italian piece was “perfetto” only to find out that you were sorely mistaken.

You’re strangely fascinated by visiting cemeteries where the famous composers are buried. You even take a selfie of you and “Mozart”. #IMetMozart #MozartandMe

You pretend that you are “local” street musicians.

But no one really believes that.

The audience is made up of people other than your friends and family…For once.

There are moments when you all hate each other

…And moments where you realize that you will all be best friends for life.

Can you relate? Share your #choirtour moments in the comments!

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