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15 Lesson Plans – Teaching the National Core Music Standards through Music Travel (Lesson 1)



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Compose and improvise ideas for melodies, rhythmic passages, and arrangements for specific purposes that reflect characteristic(s) of music from a variety of historical periods studied in rehearsal.


For this lesson, choose your upcoming touring destination and a time period in history.


Research the destination and time period at home. Write down 5-10 musical traits that are representative of the region’s music during the time. From the list, choose 2-4 characteristics which you will later use in a composition assignment. Explain the choices you have made.


  • Why did you choose these characteristics?
  • How do these characteristics fit into the time period selected?
  • Why are these characteristics applicable to the region?
  • How might you use these in your composition?



Your ensemble is traveling to Spain this year and you are teaching 19th century music in your classroom. Ask the students to characterize Spanish musical attributes of the 19th century. Students may list traits such as “rhythmic sounds”, “clapping/snapping” or “guitar instrumentation.” They may explain that their rhythmic traits were chosen to represent the Flamenco style or that they chose guitar instrumentation as it is a popular Spanish instrument.

Since the new core music standards were launched in June 2014, music teachers across the country have been identifying ways to teach them in their classrooms. For ensembles that travel, some standards can easily be met through pre-departure preparations, while on tour and even upon return. This is the first lesson plan for a new e-book which directly addresses each new core standard while also incorporating touring elements. Download the full e-book here:

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