October 1, 2015     Tori Cook

15 Lesson Plans – Teaching the National Core Music Standards through Music Travel (Lesson 3)

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Evaluate and refine draft melodies, rhythmic passages, arrangements, and improvisations based on established criteria, including the extent to which they address identified purposes.


Return assignments from Lesson 2 to owner and assign partners for this lesson. Establish guidelines for the assignment. Upon completion, grade assignment and request any revisions prior to their in-class performance which will take place in Lesson 4.


In 2-person teams, switch projects and evaluate your partner’s composition and recording. Write your thoughts down then meet to discuss each other’s piece. As a team, decide how to refine each piece. Take your composition home to make adjustments before turning in the final draft.

trumpet players


  • Strengths of the composition
  • Potential areas of improvement
  • Questions about compositional techniques or choices made
  • Whether the musical traits are truly reflective of the region/time period
  • Suggested revisions to make before turning in a final draft

Since the new core music standards were launched in June 2014, music teachers across the country have been identifying ways to teach them in their classrooms. For ensembles that travel, some standards can easily be met through pre-departure preparations, while on tour and even upon return. This is the third lesson plan for a new e-book which directly addresses each new core standard while also incorporating touring elements. Download the full e-book here:

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