July 15, 2022     Encore Tours

2022 Encore Recruitment Contest


Beyond travel, Encore is dedicated to assisting with music education at home. We continue to support our musical communities all year round, with everything from director workshops and professional networking events to our scholarship programs for aspiring musicians. Our goal is to “take your music program to new places,” and we are committed to being with you every step of the way.

In that vein, we recently sent out a survey to find out how we could best provide assistance to music directors and educators. The world has changed dramatically over the past few years, but one challenge clearly remained the same; recruitment. To combat this issue, we have launched the 2022 Encore Recruitment Contest.

We have seen first-hand how performance tours can generate excitement and boost numbers in your ensemble (our average repeat group size is nearly 25% larger than our first-time travelers). However, we want to hear some of your most successful recruitment strategies. You have the expertise to assist other directors, and we want to help you share those incredible pearls of wisdom.

Whether it’s hosting a fundraiser, utilizing social media, leveraging member data, building relationships with other directors, or any other unique tip, we want to hear your best recruitment strategies!

To enter the contest, simply submit a one-page essay about your favorite recruitment strategy to encoretours@acis.com. The winning submission will receive a $500 JW Pepper or Amazon gift card, while second and third place submissions will earn $300 and $200 travel scholarships, respectively, for use on a future performance tour or on a new Encore Experience program.

1st Place$500 to JW Pepper or Amazon
2nd Place$300 travel scholarship
3rd Place$200 travel scholarship
Additional InfoAll qualifying submissions will be posted on the Backstage Blog.
The entry with the most views will win an additional $100 travel scholarship.

The deadline to submit your best recruitment tips is October 15, 2022, and winners will be announced on Facebook, Instagram, and our Backstage Blog shortly after. Encore Tours will contact winners via email to request information necessary to deliver prizes.

We want to hear all of your suggestions, and there’s no limit on the number of submissions. We want to share all of your most useful insights with other directors, so make sure to submit your recruitment trips today!

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