February 7, 2019     Ward Dilmore

4 International Themes for your Valentine’s Day Performance Tour Recruitment Meeting


“Love is what makes the world go ‘round.” So, it’s no surprise that Valentine’s Day, one of the most popular holidays of the year, is The Big Day when many Directors will “show the love” to their ensemble by hosting a party to reveal their next international performance tour. It’s a highly anticipated day that their ensemble members look forward to with outright giddiness.

We at Encore Tours have compiled a love-ly list of the top four Valentine’s Day Tour-Reveal Celebrations that our most successful directors have used to demonstrate a profound and heartfelt lesson to their members: Music is the key to open the doors to the world we inhabit, and the world within ourselves.

Would you love to keep your ensemble members engaged? Here’s are four proven proposals that we promise will win their hearts.

Three pieces of strawberry-topped tiramisu on wooden table


One director revealed his concert tour to Italy with a Valentine’s Day party for his orchestra featuring small chocolate-covered hazelnut candies called Baci Perugina. This delicious confection contains a small piece of paper with love phrases written in 4 languages and is the popular way that Italians express their love- with a baci (kiss)! To set the stage, the Maestro set the Valentine’s party table with an Italian flag tablecloth and had a string quartet performing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Fifty members registered for the tour on the spot. And from the Facebook posts, more followed.

The Queen's Guard marching in front of Buckingham Palace while playing brass instruments and drums on a sunny summer day


Another director, introducing her Britain choir tour, baked Valentine buns with caraway seeds, plums, and raisins. Since the early times, Brits have shared this tradition with their loved ones to celebrate fertility and a good harvest, and it’s believed the tradition was brought to England by the Romans and their Lupercalia celebration. The choir director also had a life-sized British Royal Guard with face cut-out for selfies to be shared on social media, and she played Beatles tunes while her members enthusiastically signed-up for the tour.

Colorful buildings in Rothenburg ob der Tauber on a clear day


Imagine giving the special people in your life a pig! But that’s exactly what one band director used at her Valentine’s Day party to reveal her tour of Germany: a chocolate pig candy that Germans use to express Ich Liebe Dich. Together with German band music playing, and miniature German flags for every member, her members celebrated a Valentine’s Day they will always remember.

Eiffel Tower lit up at night against a dark blue sky; photo taken from ground, creating upwards perspective


Valentine’s Day began in France with Charles, Duke of Orleans, when he presented a card to his lover signed, “Your Valentine.” So, one of our most successful church choir directors couldn’t go wrong with a Valentine’s Day party for his choir. When choir members opened their Valentine’s Day cards at the party, they found a French-themed card with their performance tour dates in the City of Love. And to add to the festivities, he hired an accordion player and popped the champagne! Vive l’amour.

Encore means “more.” And if you’re looking to bring more excitement to your ensemble, let us give you a ring. You’ll love what we propose- and together we’ll make the world go ‘round!

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