August 19, 2013     Sophie Amos

5 Reasons to Choose Argentina for your Performance Tour Destination

Toucan overseeing Iguazu Falls with text 'Argentina' superimposed over it

1. For the Acoustic Aficionado

Ranked as one of the top 5 concert venues in the world, Teatro Colón is acoustically unrivaled in the whole of South America. This stunning building is home to the Argentine Philharmonic Orchestra, and attracts the world’s best opera singers and conductors. Not only do you have a chance to enjoy a truly unforgettable concert here, with Encore’s customized performance tours, you may even have the chance to perform at this incredible venue. Performing at Teatro Colón would no doubt be a lifelong dream for any classical musician!

Large opera house with elaborate gold decor and red stage curtains, with an orchestra setting up on stage as the audience members find their seats
HalloweenHJBColon-interior-escenario-TM, Brightness and contrast by Yuri Kim, CC BY-SA 3.0

2. For the Dance Devotee

Buenos Aires is a proud and passionate city and there is nothing that the people of Buenos Aires are prouder or more passionate about than the tango, the dance born in the working class districts of the city. There is no better place on earth to watch, learn and love the tango; whether it be on the streets of La Boca or at La Ventana’s dinner and show, you’ll be enchanted by the tango and perhaps even learn a step or two.

Male and female tango dancers dancing in Buenos Aires with strings players performing in the background
PrayitnoTango Buenos Aires, Brightness and contrast by Yuri Kim, CC BY 2.0

3. For the Bookworm

El Ateneo, located in the center of the city, is regularly referred to as one of the most beautiful book shops in the world. An old converted theater, it is both architecturally brilliant and artistically magnificent. There is nowhere better to enjoy the art of reading. It has books on every possible subject—and of course, a wonderful music section.

4. For the Beach Bum

Mar del Plata, is a great place to take a break from the frenetic buzz of the capital. Enjoy miles and miles of glorious beaches and sample some of the wonderful seafood— you won’t find any fresher than at this seaside resort! Round off the day with a concert at Teatro Colón; whether you are performing or watching, it’s the perfect venue to enjoy an orchestra concert.

Hot pink flowers and Argentinian flora in the foreground; beach and blue ocean on a clear day in the background
Andres Moschini, P1060874.JPG, Brightness and contrast by Yuri Kim, CC BY-SA 2.0

5. For the History Buff

Argentina’s rich history is reflected and celebrated throughout the city of Buenos Aires. The eclectic architecture reflects the many immigrant influences that have shaped the city, country and culture. And nowhere in the city is this history more alive than at the Recoleta Cemetery. This is a place of true historical importance: it displays some of the best examples of 19th and 20th century funerary art and is the resting place of many of Argentina’s most influential figures, including Eva Peron (former First Lady of Argentina and the subject of the musical Evita).

Alley way at Recoleta Cemetary, with both sides flanked by small but elaborate buildings featuring Greek columns, marble bases, brass plaques, and stone statues
Andrew MilliganRRecoleta Cemetary, Argentina, Brightness and contrast by Yuri Kim, CC BY 2.0

Argentina has so much to offer for any type of performance tour. With such a rich culture, it’s the perfect place for young performers to expand their horizons. To find out more, visit Encore Tours to view a sample itinerary, or get in touch with us about customizing a tour for you!

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