July 29, 2019     Ward Dilmore

A Concert 526 Years in the Making


What would make the perfect Prelude for this combination of elements: 1493, Dublin, Handel’s Messiah, Boston Tea Party, Ben Franklin’s baptism, Old South Church, Christ Church Cathedral Choir, and Encore Tours? Well, flash floods and lightning, of course!

On July 17th, Encore hosted one of the most historic concerts that Boston has ever experienced. It was the first-ever visit of Dublin’s Choir of Christ Church Cathedral to Boston. Since 1493, the Choir of the Dublin Cathedral, known for Handel’s premier performance of the Hallelujah Chorus, has been building their international reputation for excellence. And because Encore always reserves a grand finale performance in Dublin’s Christ Church Cathedral for our clients who travel to Ireland, our bond of mutual friendship was strengthened when we were asked by the Choir to host the Boston leg of their Washington/NYC/Boston tour.

The Choir of Christ Church Cathedral Dublin sings in Boston for the 1st time!

We chose Old South Church in Boston as the prestige venue, with a history built on great moments in American history: the church of Ben Franklin’s baptism, meeting place of the Boston Tea Party rebels, excellent acoustics, and the great Skinner Organ, Op 308.

And when the Prelude of Summer rain, flash floods, and lightning ended, the historic concert began. Dean Dermot Dunne of Christ Church Cathedral, Chris Voss of WCRB, and Brian O’Donovan of WGBH opened the concert with their lively historic and musical perspectives. And then, to a rousing Boston welcome, Ian Keatley, Director of Music for the Choir of Christ Church Cathedral began the Procession of the Choir through the packed, cheering audience at Old South Church. From Byrd and Britten, to American Spirituals, and finally, the Hallelujah Chorus, Boston was treated to the glory of 20 of Ireland’s most outstanding singers.

The after-concert reception was a great finale and a powerful reminder that we are best known by the company we keep. And we at Encore Tours are the company that provides the key that unlocks the doors to the world when you, too, are ready to make history.

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