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An Interview with Bryan Sanders – Encore Tours/Tri-M 2015 Scholarship Recipient


Bryan Sanders, Encore Tours Scholarship Winner

Encore Tours recently announced the winning essay of the Encore Tours/Tri-M Music Honor Society Scholarship. Today, we interview the winner, Bryan Sanders, to learn more about his musical future.

Hi Bryan,
Congratulations again on winning the $500 scholarship! Can you tell us what emotion were you feeling when you found out you won the scholarship?

I felt ecstatic. I could not believe that out of every applicant in all the Tri-M organizations throughout the nation I would be chosen to receive the first ever offered Tri-M Music Honor Society/Encore Tours scholarship. I also did not think when I submitted my essay that it would go farther than the eyes of the scholarship judges. Knowing that Eric Whitacre has seen and even acknowledged my essay written about him is unbelievable. I am so honored and blessed to be the winner of the very first Tri-M Music Honor Society/Encore Tours scholarship, and I give all the glory to God.

Well, we were certainly impressed with your essay and we are sure Eric loved it too! We’d love to get to know the person behind the scholarship. Tell us, where did you grow up?

I was born in Columbia, SC in 1997 and moved to Tennessee at the age of four. I have lived in Hendersonville, Tennessee for about seven years and considerate it my hometown.

Bryan Sanders, Encore Tours Scholarship Winner

When did you start playing the trumpet? Was there a certain person who influenced you to start playing?

I began playing the trumpet my sixth grade year in 2008. Both of my parents have surrounded me with the art of music and heavily influenced my involvement in music. My father played trumpet in his high school marching band, which affected my decision to play the trumpet. I also play piano, which I inherit from my mother, a piano instructor. Not only do I play these instruments, I also sing and compose instrumental and lyrical pieces.

I know you just started your freshman year at Middle Tennessee State University. Congratulations on your acceptance! What are you majoring in?

I am currently majoring in Instrumental Music Education but hope to add on a minor in Music Composition to make myself more versatile in the field of music.

How did you decide what major to choose?

As long as I can remember, I have always obtained a desire to teach and compose music, both for the sole reason of sharing the marvel of music with the world. Leading my high school marching band as field commander my senior year confirmed my decision of majoring in music education. Conducting a 130 piece marching band allowed me to catch sight of my future as a music educator, and I am completely fulfilled with my career choice. I have a burning deep inside to be a music educator, and the opportunity to teach and reach students is fuel to the fire. As for my career in music composition, I have always loved writing songs and pieces, sharing my thoughts through the melodies and supporting chords I compose. Composing music provides me with an essential outlet for the release of my deepest emotions in which I cannot express through words.

Bryan Sanders, Encore Tours Scholarship Winner

Which ensembles are you currently playing in? (Nice pic, by the way!)

As of right now, I am playing with Middle Tennessee State University’s symphonic band and Band of Blue marching band. I plan to participate in the university’s jazz band, trumpet ensemble, brass ensemble, etc. in the near future to further expand my musical capabilities and be a more well-rounded musician.

Awesome, they are lucky to have you! What are your future plans after you graduate?

I plan to teach the next generation of young musicians how to understand and appreciate the art of music. I desire to teach music education to create a close connection between the notes on the page and the lives it is impacting. I aspire to educate my prospective students about the difference between reading the music and feeling the music. Similar to my experience with music, I hope to inspire each and every student to share their music with others and enlighten them that the sound of music does not have to linger within the walls of their school. This also connects to why I strive to be a successful composer. I dream that my music will encourage others to utilize this incredible art by expressing their own thoughts and feelings through their unique music that will communicate their story to the world. To me, becoming a successful composer or songwriter is not about the fame or the money involved in the business; it is truly about connecting with people across all borders through a language understood by all. I will aim to share my music with the world to help people surmount their adversity with the help of my musical compositions.

Bryan, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. We truly hope the scholarship will help you share your music with the world. Good luck with your future musical endeavors!

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