January 25, 2022     Encore Tours

Benjamin Britten & The Aldeburgh Festival of Music


Last year, Encore introduced an innovative music appreciation concept called Encore Experiences. These programs are designed to provide individual travelers with privileged access to the world’s most spectacular musical, cultural, and culinary highlights. As part of this new endeavor, we have partnered with several accomplished musicians and influencers to design unique Guest Designed programs. By leveraging their passion and expertise, we have created a series of unique musical journeys filled with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to view the finest gems of the musical world.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our catalogue of Guest Designed experiences! With the help of David Vernier, an accomplished musician and founder of the website ClassicsToday.com, we have designed “Britten’s Britain,” a spectacular trip through England celebrating the life and works of Benjamin Britten.

This musical journey will be centered in London and Aldeburgh where we’ll have the opportunity to explore Britten’s music and visit several historic sites related to his life. Some of the featured highlights include:

  • Welcome reception and dinner
  • Behind the scenes visit of the Royal Opera House
  • Choral performance in Cambridge
  • At least two concerts as part of the Aldeburgh Festival
  • Visit to Britten’s childhood home
  • Afternoon tea under the expertise of a senior English Butler
  • Celebratory farewell dinner
  • And much more!

This trip is filled with privileged access to the most important places in Britten’s life, but there will also be opportunities to relax, explore on your own, and enjoy some delicious culinary delights. All are welcome, so we hope that you will join us in June 2022 for this unforgettable experience!

Want to learn more about Encore Experiences? Contact us at 877-460-3801 or experiences@encoretours.com for additional information!

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