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One of Europe’s most popular cities to visit, Porto features a stunning Old Town on the scenic Douro River, amazing Beaux Arts and a slew of Baroque churches and palaces around the city.

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Spain and Portugal

This itinerary gives you ample opportunity to experience both marvelous countries: Spain and Portugal. Start your tour in Lisbon.

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Portuguese Adventure

Explore the Iberian Peninsula with this performance tour of Portugal and Spain! Start your tour in Lisbon.

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Norte a Sul

Begin in Portugal where you’ll explore the UNESCO World Heritage city of Porto. Then meander through the charming city of Aveiro, also known as the “Venice of Portugal”.

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With a rich history, heritage, food, culture and a population filled with fun-loving people, Portugal is an incredible destination for any performance tour.

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The capital of Portugal, Lisbon is also the largest city in Portugal with a population north of 500,000.

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Évora, nestled in Portugal’s Alentejo region, is a UNESCO World Heritage site that offers a journey through history with its medieval walls, Roman ruins, and Gothic cathedrals.

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Setúbal, a lively port city south of Lisbon, Portugal, is celebrated for its bustling fish market, stunning natural parks, and beautiful beaches.