May 29, 2024     David Solar

NOLA Flavors Unleashed

Immerse yourself in the art of New Orleans cuisine with a private cooking lesson led by renowned Chef Susan Spicer.

May 29, 2024     David Solar

Louisiana’s Wild Side

Embark on a thrilling swamp tour adventure aboard a high-speed airboat, led by expert guides with a deep love for the Louisiana wilderness.

May 29, 2024     David Solar

A Taste of Creole Elegance

Indulge in an exclusive dining experience at Arnaud’s, one of New Orleans’ most iconic restaurants.

May 28, 2024     David Solar

A Taste of Barbados

Elevate your culinary adventure with VIP access to the Barbados Food and Rum Festival.

May 28, 2024     David Solar

Tropical Tastes Workshop

Join renowned Chef Michael Hinds for an exclusive hands-on cooking class where you’ll master the art of Barbadian cuisine.

May 28, 2024     David Solar

The Abbey’s Rum Odyssey

Indulge in an exclusive tour of St. Nicholas Abbey with a private ride on the Heritage Railways, culminating in panoramic views at Cherry Tree Hill.

May 3, 2024     David Solar

New Orleans

New Orleans, a city on the banks of the Mississippi River, pulses with a unique rhythm born from its rich cultural tapestry.