July 19, 2013     Rebecca Ray

Creating Drama: Theatre Tours to Europe


With each summer comes wonderful outdoor festivities. The city of Boston finally comes out of its winter hibernation; during the cold months we stay hidden in fear that we might disappear in a snow drift. We are finally brave enough to come out and enjoy the festivities under the rays of the sun. The warm ocean breeze brings us many festivities such as outdoor concerts on the esplanade, theatre in the park, music festivals in the bustling square, and food fares outside of city hall.

One of my favorite of these festivities is Shakespeare in the Park. Every year, thousands of Bostonians gather round the wooden stage with our blankets, baguettes, wine and friends to enjoy the free theatrical performance. The performance becomes magical as we become veiled by a starry sky. This year’s performance is Two Gentleman of Verona.

As I sit there I begin to think of how much I love theatre; I love the written word played out in front of me. With each performance I see or that I feel encouraged to dream more and further my passions. Victor Hugo said “Each man should frame life so that at some future hour fact and his dreaming meet.”

I love Encore’s Theatre Appreciation Tours – those theatre troupes that take on the stages of London with us and to live their dream. It’s life changing! Inspiring actors and actresses young and old, and novelists as well, venture to Henley Street in Stratford upon Avon to feel the presence of Shakespeare, and to become inspired. Afterward the enthusiastic group can venture back to London and catch a play. Later they fall asleep to dreaming the dream and in them drive and determination is created.

Learn more about Encore Theatre Appreciation Tours at www.encoretours.com/ensembleleaders/otherensembles.cfm!

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