March 20, 2015     Tori Cook

Dublin Jerome High School Choir Gets Interviewed on Choir Tour for Diane Sawyer Special!


This has certainly been an adventurous week for the Dublin Jerome High School Choir currently traveling in Austria on their Encore choir tour. Just the other day, the group was interviewed and filmed for the Diane Sawyer special “The Untold Story of ‘The Sound of Music’” which aired Wednesday night on ABC.

It was lucky that the high school happened to be in the Mirabell Gardens while ABC was also there! The Salzburg newspaper, Salzburger Nachrichten, addressed their coincidental timing in an article here.

This is a loose translation of that article in English:

It has been exactly 50 years ago, from when the musical “The Sound of Music” in US cinemas premiered. The Oscar-winning film about the singing von Trapp family was known to be a worldwide success and now attracts 300,000 tourists annually to Salzburg at its original locations. It was a coincidence that the Dublin Jerome High School Choir was in the city of Mozart, at the same time, to give a concert at the Church of St. Sebastian.

“When we called the producers of the US broadcaster ABC on Tuesday, they asked for help in their search for a chorus, and after a short search we sent them the high school choir from Ohio,” says Bert Brugger of the Salzburg Tourismus GmbH.

Background: On Wednesday night in prime time, ABC broadcasted the documentary “The Untold Story of The Sound of Music ”. As an introduction to the program, the morning show “Good Morning America” ​​also commemorated the anniversary of the musical and wanted to celebrate in a special way. And for this, a choir was needed. In the Mirabell Gardens, where in 1964 the famous “Do-Re-Mi” scene was filmed, the school choir sang “Do-Re-Mi” and “My Favorite Things”. “The clips taken Wednesday were shown on US morning television and at the same time in New York’s Times Square, where another choir also sang two songs,” says producer Clark Bentson.

“The kids were so happy when we asked them if they would like to participate,” says choir director Jeanne Wohlgamuth. “We had one day to rehearse, which we did on the bus or while walking through the streets.  Every child in the United States knows the songs from ‘The Sound of Music’ by heart,” says student Abbie Vetter.

For Salzburg tourism representative Brugger, the recent television report in superb weather live from the Mirabell Garden was fantastic. And on top of that it was broadcast live in Times Square, which was “simply priceless.”

Here’s a short clip of their performance at the Mirabell Gardens starting at 2:24

And here they are on Good Morning America at 1:27!

We are so incredibly proud of the Dublin Jerome High School Choir and we can’t wait to hear about the rest of their Austrian adventures when they return!

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