February 11, 2020     Encore Tours

Earn Graduate-Level Credits by Attending Prelude


At Encore Tours, we believe that a high-quality performance tour helps define a sense of purpose for ensembles, builds unity, improves musicianship, and strengthens friendships. More importantly, these tours allow people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to come together and share the universal language of music. Perhaps nothing represents these core beliefs better than Prelude.

For anybody who may be unfamiliar, Prelude is our free 5-day professional development trip held annually in a musically significant destination. Prelude is an excellent networking opportunity, but it’s also so much more. This one-of-a-kind event includes unique cultural experiences, incredible musical performances, professional development opportunities, and plenty of wonderful surprises!

Prelude was initially established as our way of expressing appreciation and providing support to our amazing group leaders. We wanted to provide an unforgettable trip to these dedicated ensemble directors; a trip filled with first-class amenities and once-in-a-lifetime musical experiences. Past groups have enjoyed a private reception with a harpist inside the roof of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, a VIP backstage tour before attending La Traviata at Teatro alla Scala, a private viewing of Mozart manuscripts in the vault of his house, and many other remarkable highlights. However, providing a superior tour is only one part of our objective.

Helping music directors at home and abroad has always been part of our mission statement, whether that’s through our scholarship programs for young musicians or our director workshops and professional networking events like Prelude. Effective professional development helps directors develop the knowledge and skills needed to address the challenges of their ensemble members. That’s particularly true for teachers, and it’s one of the reasons we developed our “Recertification for Music Teachers” program.

Prelude provides wonderful opportunities for networking, site-inspections, and artistic growth, but perhaps the most common compliment we receive involves the professional development and information that attendees receive during our director’s workshop. This provides an excellent opportunity to speak with colleagues, and many directors have overcome significant hurdles back home after receiving advice and suggestions from their peers at Prelude.

“There is nothing comparable to the personal contact and ongoing interaction with fellow directors, not to mention the establishment of long-term relationships/friendships with fellow attendees, whose experiences and expertise always enhances, lends support to, and enriches our personal and professional lives. We enthusiastically look forward to each “reunion” with our colleagues at Prelude, both directors and, very importantly, with the Encore staff.”

— David Vernier, Prelude 2020

Ensemble directors gain valuable information and skills from their experience at Prelude, and we want to reward our loyal travelers for their efforts. That’s why Encore Tours is proud to offer Prelude attendees the opportunity to earn up to three graduate-level professional development credits provided by Courses4Teachers and the University of the Pacific.

Find out how you can earn professional development credits in three easy steps by downloading our Graduate Level Credits PDF. Have any questions? Speak directly with one of our team members by calling (877) 460-3801.

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