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Elevate Your Career: Personal and Professional Growth Through Performance Travel


As a music director, you’re not just guiding an ensemble; you’re nurturing the musical spirit, fostering artistic expression, and imparting life lessons through the timeless language of music. Your role goes beyond teaching notes and rhythms; it encompasses creating a sense of unity among your musicians, crafting unforgettable musical experiences, and elevating your own professional development. One powerful tool in your conductor’s arsenal to achieve these multifaceted goals is taking your ensemble on a performance tour with Encore.

Performance tours offer music directors a remarkable platform to unlock the full potential of their ensembles, regardless of whether they are youth or adult musicians. These journeys extend beyond the rehearsal room, offering musicians of all ages a real-world musical education and, at the same time, providing directors with benefits that reach beyond the podium. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the transformative impact of performance tours on music directors and their musicians, from the recruitment and fundraising advantages to the unparalleled opportunities for professional development.

Your mission as a music director is about making music, but it’s also about making a meaningful impact in the lives of musicians. We’ll explore how performance tours can help you achieve goals like boosting recruitment, increasing fundraising efforts, and raising visibility within your community. With opportunities like Prelude, a one-of-a-kind international professional development weekend, Encore also provides a comprehensive package of benefits that empower directors and allow them to grow both personally and professionally.

Let’s journey into the heart of this transformative experience, where the world becomes your stage and music transcends borders.

Recruitment and Growth

Performance tours can have a significant impact on your group’s growth and retention. Did you know that returning group leaders have, on average, almost 25% larger group sizes? For youth ensembles, students and parents who see the opportunities and experiences that come with touring are more likely to join your ensemble. Traveling to new destinations offers young musicians a unique incentive and strengthens your ensemble’s appeal.

For adult ensembles, the experience generates excitement and provides everyone with a common goal. Whether it’s seasoned musicians or those who’ve recently discovered their passion for music, embarking on a performance tour creates a sense of unity and shared purpose. It’s an opportunity for musicians of all ages to come together, inspire each other, and set their sights on a thrilling musical journey.

Fundraising Opportunities

We recognize that fundraising remains a crucial aspect of your role, irrespective of whether you’re considering a travel endeavor. Even when you’re not actively engaged in tour planning, the financial needs of your ensemble persist. That’s where our Fundraising eBook comes into play as a valuable resource year-round that provides rips for annual fundraising calendar planning, fundraising event ideas, real-life success stories, effective partnership opportunities, and more.

For ensembles touring with Encore, there’s the added benefit of our Fabulous Fundraiser. This exciting offering provides ensembles with the chance to raffle off a free 5-day trip to London or Paris, providing an additional opportunity to raise funds for your upcoming tour. Along with our personal fundraising pages and generous scholarship opportunities, we aim to make travel easily accessible for every member of your ensemble.

Professional Development

In the world of music education, your personal and professional growth is paramount. Prelude, a complimentary and exclusive professional development weekend, is held annually in a captivating international destination. Attending Prelude offers you the chance to connect with like-minded directors, gain fresh perspectives, and refine your skills while basking in the enchantment of a breathtaking travel experience. It’s a remarkable opportunity to enrich your professional journey and set out on a one-of-a-kind musical adventure.

Additionally, we are delighted to offer all of our directors the opportunity to earn up to three graduate-level professional development credits for traveling with us. These valuable credits, which are provided by Courses4Teachers and the University of the Pacific, are widely recognized by school districts nationwide. Achieving them is possible through two pathways: either by leading one of our performance tours or by participating in Prelude. Visit our website to find out more about how to earn these graduate-level professional development credits.

Building Community and Reputation

When your ensemble sets out on a performance tour, it transcends the confines of your rehearsal room and the concert stage. It becomes a captivating event for your entire community. Hosting pre-tour concerts and special events to build anticipation and awareness creates a vibrant connection with local residents. This increased visibility often leads to robust community support for your program as businesses, organizations, and individuals rally behind your musical journey. It’s more than a tour; it’s a collective experience that leaves a harmonious impact, resonating throughout your community.

Performance tours are a chance to showcase your ensemble’s talents to the world. Exceptional performances in stunning venues, including historic cathedrals or renowned international concert halls, not only enhance your ensemble’s reputation but also leave a lasting impression. A positive reputation impresses potential recruits and garners enduring community support for future endeavors.

Ensemble Unity and Musicianship

Customized touring packages create a sense of purpose for your ensemble. Traveling together, rehearsing, and performing in new settings can build unity, musicianship, and lasting friendships among your students. These experiences provide a unique opportunity for growth and cohesion within your ensemble.

The impact of performance tours on directors, their musicians, and their families cannot be overstated. The professional development, recruitment, fundraising, visibility, and overall growth that come with performance tours make them an invaluable asset to any music program. Elevate your ensemble and your career by planning a custom musical journey that will leave an indelible mark on everyone involved.

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