June 23, 2020     Encore Tours

Encast – Part 3 – Getting Ready to Tour


Earlier this month, we announced the debut of our new podcast series, Encast. Through this series, we hoped to travel the world, discover the story behind the world’s most successful ensembles, and help provide directors with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive.

In our first episode, we sat down with Diane Linn, President and Executive Director of the Community Chorus of Detroit (CCD), to learn about how she was able to build an ensemble from scratch, develop a unique repertoire, and become an integral part of her local community.

In this week’s finale, Diane details her first interactions with Encore Tours and provides valuable insight into how the CCD’s experience with international performance tours helped the ensemble set goals, build excitement, and inspire a sense of purpose in the ensemble members.

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Listen to the full episode – Community Chorus of Detroit

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Classrooms and performance halls across the US have been disrupted, and musicians have been forced to transition into online environments. It may not be possible to travel or perform with your ensemble now, but with our new Encore Live series, you can still stay connected. Visit our Encore Live page to learn more about this new series, view upcoming live events, and watch all of our past recordings.

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