May 4, 2021     Encore Tours

Encore Live: From Budapest


Encore Tours is coming to you live from Budapest! Many people may not be familiar with Hungary, but with romantic architecture, breathtaking scenery, a vivid nightlife, more than 1,000 natural springs, and an incredible musical history, this is a can’t miss destination for any touring ensemble.

In this week’s event, Encore’s Head of Operations in Central Europe, John Tregellas, joins us to discuss why Hungary has become an increasingly popular destination for groups, and how the country has invested heavily in the local music scene. In addition to examining Hungary’s musical history, we take a brief virtual tour of the Greater Budapest area, and highlight some the country’s many spectacular venues including Pesti Vigadó, Liszt Academy, and the House of Hungarian Music.

Watch Encore Live: 5 Things I Love About Budapest

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