December 16, 2020     Encore Tours

Encore Live: From Iceland


Most people are familiar with Iceland’s natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, but not everybody is aware of the country’s unique culture. Known for their fascination with music and the art of storytelling, Iceland is a hidden gem for all music and travel enthusiasts.

In this week’s edition of Encore Live, we are joined by Margrét Sigurjónsdóttir from our Iceland office as well as Hlín Pétursdóttir Behrens, an accomplished opera singer with experience performing throughout Europe. Alongside Encore’s Eastern Regional Director, Sabrina Nikolov, they examine Iceland’s musical history, take a virtual tour through the country’s most spectacular venues, and discuss performance opportunities that fully capitalize on the country’s gorgeous scenery.

Iceland may be a small island, but it is truly a hidden gem and an excellent option for your next performance tour!

Watch Encore Live: From Iceland

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