June 26, 2020     Encore Tours

Encore Live: From Paris


Earlier this month, we launched a new series of virtual events called Encore Live in order to showcase our amazing tour managers, music directors, concert managers, and other valued members of the Encore family. We’re all missing travel right now, but this series was created to transport our audience across the globe to visit some of their favorite venues and destinations.

In our latest event, we tapped into our incredible overseas network to speak with two French residents about the country’s re-opening and how recent events have impacted the local music scene.

This immersive webinar features Sabrina Nikolov, Encore’s Eastern Regional Director, Alain Doff, an experienced French concert manager, and Till Aly, the conductor and musical director of Coeur de Paris. In addition to discussing the latest news, this event features video footage from several historical churches, a brief look into one of Till’s recent rehearsals, and so much more.

Watch Encore Live: From Paris

If you missed our last event, Encore Live: From Vienna, the recording can be found on our blog. We have several Encore Live events scheduled for the coming weeks, so please make sure to register to be alerted for the specific dates!

We are committed to providing musicians with resources that will make their lives easier and more enjoyable during these difficult times, so please email encoretours@acis.com with any feedback or suggestions for future Encore Live events.

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