June 4, 2020     Encore Tours

Encore Live: From Vienna


Encore Tours recently launched a brand new series of virtual events, Encore Live. These fun and informal online events were designed to feature our amazing tour managers, music directors, concert managers, and other valuable members of our global network. We’re all missing travel right now, but this series will try to support music educators and directors while providing unique insights into culture, history, and current events.

In our first event, we went live from Austria with a few members of Encore’s incredible family. Peter Ede, one of our most prodigious tour managers, sat down with Herbert Konrad and Theresa Konrad-Karstens to discuss day-to-day life in Vienna, and learn more about how this musically historic city has been adapting to the coronavirus outbreak.

In addition to a lively discussion, the presentation includes a walkabout through the heart of the city, a review of recent choral and orchestral developments, and so much more.

Watch Encore Live: From Vienna

During the webinar, Herbert mentioned that the prestigious Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra had recently conducted an aerosol emission study to determine how far a musician’s breath travels when they are playing an instrument. In a statement, the orchestra claimed that they do “not expect air exhaled by an artist to reach more than 80 centimeters’ [roughly 31.5 inches] distance.”

The slideshow below displays images from that study, along with the apparatus used to show a visible mist when performers played. You can also view the study on the Vienna Philharmonic website.

We want to provide musicians with resources that will make their lives easier and more enjoyable during these troublesome times, so please email encoretours@acis.com with any feedback or suggestions for future Encore Live events.

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