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2023 Encore Tours/ACIS Travel Scholarships


Encore provides opportunities for students to win travel scholarships through our annual contest. The theme of our 2023 travel scholarship program is something Encore truly believes, travel changes lives. Students may submit a creation that relates to this theme for a chance to win a travel scholarship of up to $2,500!

2023 Travel Scholarship Entry Requirements

This year, we are opening up our annual travel scholarship contest to embrace creativity. We welcome students to think about why and how travel changes lives and submit a creative expression that relates to that theme. Entries may come in any form—art, photography, essay, poem, video, song, or anything else you can think of!

Encore’s parent company, ACIS, will be awarding one grand prize $2,500 ACIS Travel Scholarship Certificate and five $1,000 ACIS Travel Scholarship Certificates. These certificates provide money off any 2023-2024 ACIS or Encore tour.

The contest is open to all U.S. students aged 11-20. The submission deadline is January 31, 2023 and winners will be announced by the end of February, 2023.

Visit the travel scholarship page over at the ACIS website to learn more details about how to enter.

2022 Travel Scholarship Winners

Year after year we’re blown away with the creativity and talent of our participants. The 2022 scholarship entries proved this to be true yet again. Check out our amazing winners.


Grand Prize, High School – $1000 Scholarship

The Carriers of Humanity, Olivia White

“To me, global citizenship means carrying the world, which is done by doing the good that humanity fails to do. This is the main point in my poem.”

Runner Up, High School – $500 Scholarship

Humanity, by Kennya Molina

“I share my personal experience while relating it to what I believe global citizenship is.”

Grand Prize, Middle School – $1000 Scholarship

TThe Meaning of Global Citizenship, Logan Cerrito

“My essay tries to answer the question “What is a global citizen?”

Runner Up, High School – $500 Scholarship

Our World, by Nicole Lefavour

“Our world is a reminder to myself and perhaps others that as global citizens we identify as part of a world community and our actions and compassion for others contribute to humanity.”


Grand Prize, High School – $1,000 Scholarship

One Earth, by Caroline Zedek

Artwork of hands decorated with flags holding a globe

“In my digital painting titled “One Earth”, I wanted to show how each and every one of us, as a citizen not only of our own respective countries but as citizens of the Earth, have a responsibility to preserve our planet and its natural beauty. As a global citizen, one must be mindful of our Earth while traveling and at home, and with this image I hope to show that the state of our planet and its wonders are dependent on the collective actions of all nations.”

Runner Up, High School – $500 Scholarship

Untitled, by Jackson Parker

Artwork of yellow flowers in a glass jar

“The piece is a representation of how one can flourish as a person when taking part in the community of others. The one thing that binds us all together as global citizens is the natural world around us. My piece focuses on the beauty of the world and looks to excite everyone’s curiosity in the natural world.”


Grand Prize, High School – $1,000 Scholarship

Different is Beautiful, by Sebastian Rodriguez

Looking out a cave opening in Spain

“I will be presenting a picture that I took from my trip to Spain. The picture portrays ways I’ve interacted with the community whether it be hiking or historic mountains or eating the country’s food. Despite me being a part of the Hispanic culture, being born in America has restricted me from fully embracing my culture. My trip to Spain helped me appreciate a new and improved understanding of different cultures worldwide.”

Runner-Up, High School – $500 Scholarship

Our Dream For Our Future, by Melinda Carrillo

A sunset

“The term “Global Citizen” can mean anything from leadership, communities, politics or the environment. In my perspective, a global citizen takes everyone around the world to collaborate to help each other with one heart, regardless of their differences or culture. As we are the future generation it is our dream to live in a world of peace and happiness with no fear or pain. The sunset represents that in the end, everyone will become one and at peace because that is our dream for our future.”

Middle School Artwork and Photography

Grand Prize, Middle School – $1,000 Scholarship

Team Huddle, by Gabriel Little

Artwork of hands reaching towards each other with text and flags

Calling all global citizens when we come together. We can accomplish something great and change our world. Are you ready to huddle up team world?

Runner-Up, Middle School – $500 Scholarship

Softball’s the Same in Every Language, by Sophia Faidley

Softball player at a base

No matter where you are at in the world, the softball community will always treat you like family, no matter your ethnicity, size and religion, the softball community will accept you for who you are.

Congratulations to all the winners!

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