January 25, 2024     Encore Admin

Flavors of Florence

Uncover the magic of Florentine markets with a culinary expedition led by a skilled chef. Dive into the vibrant atmosphere, gather fresh ingredients, and participate in a hands-on cooking lesson.

January 25, 2024     Encore Admin

Citrus Delight

Experience a burst of lemony bliss in Sorrento’s local grove. Dive into the art of lemon production, mastering the techniques behind the world’s renowned lemons.

January 25, 2024     Encore Admin

Vino Vista in Montepulciano

Journey to Montepulciano, known for its outstanding wines. Delight in a private wine tasting, savoring the rich flavors of Tuscan wines.

January 25, 2024     Encore Admin

Critique and Curtain

Join an acclaimed theater critic in unraveling the art of stagecraft in London. Discover the nuances of your West End show, turning your cultural journey into a refined exploration.

December 19, 2023     Encore Admin

Vineyard Virtuoso

Dive into Bordeaux’s rich cultural tapestry with a private wine tasting in St. Emilion. Later, be enchanted by the performances of Beethoven’s Symphony No.

November 15, 2023     Encore Admin

A Culinary Sonata

Engage your senses in a hands-on cooking class, creating Thuringian specialties, a culinary sonata, followed by a delightful dinner where each dish is a note in the symphony of flavors.

November 14, 2023     Encore Admin

Viennese Valuation

Founded by Emperor Joseph I in 1707, the Dorotheum is one of the oldest and largest auction houses worldwide.

November 14, 2023     Encore Admin

Waltz With Me

Perfect your box-step under the guidance of an expert in Viennese Waltz. The city offers many opportunities for ballroom dancing to show off your technique later in the day.

November 14, 2023     Encore Admin

Art Nouveau

The Municipal House is one of the most significant public buildings in the Art Nouveau style, with original artwork by Alfons Mucha.