April 22, 2013     Sabrina Nikolov

Healing through Music


 Photo courtesy of abcnews.go.com

In light of last week’s tragic events here in Boston, I felt that it was important to highlight the power of music as a way to get through difficult times and begin the healing process.  Music expresses emotion better than any words could ever explain.  The somber music sung by the choir during the memorial service attended by President Obama helped the audience to mourn for the victims of the bombing.  When Neil Diamond sang “Sweet Caroline” at the Red Sox game on Saturday, the music helped the fans to breathe a sigh of relief and begin the healing process.

The power of healing through music highlights the significance of performing abroad and sharing one’s love of music with people of other cultures, religions and backgrounds.  The path to mutual respect and care starts with the willingness to gain an understanding of people and cultures that are different from ours.  By performing music that is important to our own culture and in return being willing to be exposed to music of differing cultures, we begin this journey to mutual respect and care.  Let the beautiful art of music help you to heal.

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