September 9, 2021     Encore Tours

Introducing Encore Experiences


Encore Experiences are here! We are thrilled to announce our newest offering, which provides individual travelers with privileged access to some of Europe’s most incredible musical and cultural destinations.

At Encore, we believe that truly meaningful experiences cannot simply be “designed.” The most special moments and opportunities develop as a by-product of the wonderful relationships built over Encore’s 25 years of worldwide concert production for traveling ensembles. With Encore Experiences, we will take you behind the scenes to provide context to the music you will enjoy by offering exclusive access to musicians, venues, famous ensembles, instrument makers and so much more.

Each collection of our most intriguing experiences is offered as a hosted program, focusing on just two cities of musical distinction. This allows for deeper discovery and a greater choice of public performances to attend. Each program has been built with great flexibility, giving individual travelers the freedom to explore in their own time, with the expertise of an on-site Encore Travel Concierge available throughout. Add in luxurious accommodations, mouth-watering culinary delights, and unparalleled access to the world’s greatest musical highlights, and we guarantee there’s nothing quite like an Encore Experience.


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