Frieda Krantz
October 30, 2014     Tori Cook

Meet Encore Tours New Staff Member: Frieda Krantz



Frieda Krantz Encore Tours Staff

Get to know our  Encore Staff, passionate and well-traveled individuals who work hard to make your Encore Tours experience truly unforgettable. Today we’re happy to introduce you to Frieda Krantz.

Hi Frieda! Thank you for chatting with us today. Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about your background?

Hi Tori!  Music and travel are two of my greatest passions.  I started playing piano as soon as I could climb the stool to my parents’ prized Steinway.  Thinking lessons were the best way to keep their child from harming their beloved instrument, they started my classical training at age 5.

My love of travel started just as early, with many family trips all over the US.   But the first time I left the country was actually on an ACIS tour with my drama club! I spent a week in London and knew immediately that 1 week of exploration would never be enough!  So I decided to move to London, where I spent 4 years getting my Bachelor’s Degree International Relations and History.  I soaked up as much of the vibrant, artistic, city as I could. Plus, London provided the perfect gateway for many trips to France, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey and Egypt. I also spent a semester abroad in Paris, to learn another language and see what life was like on the continent!

I heard that you also traveled through South East Asia! Can you tell us more about that?

Yes! Well, after I’d been living in London for 6 years, it was time for a new adventure.  I grabbed a guidebook, packed a bag and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand.  From jumping off waterfalls, to meditating in Cambodia, and swimming with whalesharks in the Philippines, it was truly a life-changing adventure!  Solo-backpacking is such an exhilarating and liberating experience – I recommend it to everyone.  You’ll find yourself connecting with people from all walks of life in unimaginable situations. As with all travel, it was the unexpected and the unplanned that was the most memorable!

Frieda Krantz Encore Tours Staff

Wow, that sounds like an amazing experience.  Which is your favorite destination and why?

Every place I’ve been has left a mark on my heart, it is impossible to choose! Though I still think of London as ‘home’ and try to visit whenever I can!

Do you have any travel tips you’d like to share?

Buy the ticket! You’ll be amazed at how everything else will work out, but only if you get on that plane!

Great advice! So, what are your future travel plans?

I just got back from visiting Prague and Krakow – 2 magnificent cities, both full of history, great people, (and not to mention amazing food!)

Now I’m looking forward to my next trip – to see the Northern Lights in Iceland!

Thanks for chatting with us, Frieda!

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