July 20, 2022     Kyle Baker

Meet Kyle – New Encore Tours Co-op


Hello! My name is Kyle, and I’m thrilled to be joining Encore! I am a rising senior at Northeastern University in Boston, MA, where I study music and communications with a concentration in Music Business. For the next six months, I will be co-oping with the Encore team!

Music and travel have always been very important to me. Growing up, I took piano and saxophone lessons where I studied everything from classical composers, to songs from the Great American Songbook, to modern-day hits like Adele. Then, in high school, I joined my school’s chorus, where I learned the basics of vocal performance.

In my sophomore year of high school, my chorus took a trip to Florida. We traveled around the state performing, workshopping with other creatives, and enjoying an escape from the Boston winter. It was an incredible experience for us to grow together as a group and as performers. The performances and workshops we had challenged how we approached our music and performing.

I am also fortunate to have done a lot of traveling! Senior year of high school, my French class went on a class trip to France. We spent ten days traveling around the northwest areas of France, including Normandy, Brittany, and the Loire Valley, before finishing in Paris. This trip was the highlight of my senior year and allowed my class to use everything we had learned in a real-world scenario. 

My friends and I at the Louvre!

During my first semester of college, I studied abroad in London. I traveled with 300 other Northeastern students to study at Northeastern’s campus in London. For these four months, we took classes designed to immerse us into the community, whether it was community service projects or having classes throughout the city. Weekends abroad were always reserved for exploring a new European city. I hit 12 countries during my semester abroad! Not only did I make my best friends while traveling abroad, I learned so much about myself and my role in the world.

I am incredibly excited for my next six months with Encore. I know firsthand the power of both music and travel and am excited to play a part in helping other groups and ensembles experience all that is out there!

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