October 4, 2012     James Knapp

Music, the Great Ambassador


”Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast; to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.”
The Mourning Bride, William Congreve

     I am constantly reminded of music's strength to move people in a variety of ways. I find it fascinating how music is such an inspirational, historical part of countries around the globe.

     I love what we do here at Encore Tours. It is such a pleasure to be part of the process of creating life-changing international music tours: putting together final plans for choir trips around the world and setting up orchestral concerts in stunning venues. We help bring music to a global stage, and where our ensembles perform and who they play for can make a huge impact.

     I will always cherish the memory when one of the choirs traveling with us sang ‘Hands United in Peace’ in Moscow: hundreds of people grasping hands in solidarity for the hope of a better, more unified world. What other combination of travel and music has such power to transform people’s hearts?

     When I review repertoires for musical ensembles traveling with us in the future, I am always thrilled to see so many powerful pieces that are to be performed, because I know these performances will have a huge impact on the audiences that will hear them. Yes, traveling internationally is not only life-changing for those who are touring, but also for those who experience the music in the audience.

     Music is one of the greatest ambassadors in history and amongst the arts, building international tolerance and understanding. What an honor to play some part in that!

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