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Musical Celebrations Around the World – Teach Music Week


This year marks the 7th Annual “Teach Music Week,” which will be held from Monday, March 15 through Sunday, March 21. As part of this celebration, the organization Keep Music Alive encourages musicians and music schools from around the country to offer a free 30-minute lesson to just one person with an interest in music. Regardless of age, the biggest hurdle to playing a new instrument is simply getting started. By encouraging music educators to reach out to potential students and encouraging them to provide this risk-free opportunity, they believe that you can help create a connection to music and performance that lasts a lifetime.

If you have always wanted to try your hand at playing a new instrument or taking singing lessons, this is the perfect time to take the first step. Many music teachers offer free lessons during this week, and you can also view a list of local participants on the Keep Music Alive website. If you are a music educator, director, or conductor, there are many ways to support Teach Music Week — even if you don’t want to provide free lessons. Some options include:

  • Change your profile picture on social media to enhance awareness of this event
  • Write an article for your school’s newsletter or local newspaper on the importance of music education
  • Share a story on social media about how music education has influenced you using the hashtag #TeachMusicWeek
  • Host a Zoom webinar or create an instructional YouTube video that introduces potential students to new instruments
  • In your next concert program, include an infographic that displays the benefits of music education

This year, it’s expected that over 1,000 locations will participate in Teach Music Week, which is scheduled to coincide with Music in Our Schools Month. This event will be celebrated in 15 different countries, including the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, India, Ireland, Japan, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, the Philippines, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. We hope you will help bring this event to your area as well!

This blog post is part of a series linked to our Music Celebrations Around the World calendar. Download the calendar for access to information about musical celebrations and holidays with strong musical components to share in your music classroom or with your ensemble members! Music + Travel = Encore Tours.

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