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Protection Plans – Now With Enhanced Cancellation Coverage

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Traveling with Encore means that participants are automatically covered by our Basic Protection Insurance Plan!

Protection Coverage

At Encore Tours, we consider the safety of our participants to be the top priority. That’s why all travelers are automatically enrolled, at no extra charge, in our Basic Protection Plan. But for additional peace of mind, we recommend upgrading to one of our paid plans, like more than half of our travelers do each year. Our two Ultimate plans provide increased on-tour coverage plus the ability to cancel for any reason and receive a full refund.

Protection Plans

Coverage Details

Job Loss Protection

  • The Ultimate-Plus Protection Plan offers a full refund in cash for any reason up to 4 days before departure. Within 4 days of departure until your trip departs, full refunds are only available for medical and job loss-related reasons as stated below.
  • The Ultimate Protection Plan offers a full refund up to 4 days before departure as well, but these come in a combination of cash and future travel vouchers. For the medical and job loss-related reasons stated below, refunds will be paid fully in cash at any time until your trip departs.
  • The Basic Protection Plan is intended to provide core health and travel delay protection on tour and does not offer any special cancellation benefits for medical or job loss-related reasons.

1. If you or a member of your immediate family (spouse, domestic partner, child, parent, grandparent, sibling or legal guardian) become ill, are seriously injured or die (medical documentation required).

2. If an adult participant or either parent/legal guardian of a student participant is laid off (which must be documented with the appropriate forms from the Social Security Administration). Notification must be made to Encore Tours within seven days of job termination for this benefit to be in force. Program cancellations only.

3. Additional circumstances that may trigger enhanced refunds and on-tour coverage under our Ultimate and Ultimate-Plus Protection Plans can be found in our full protection plan contract, which is available here.

Refund Policies

Should you have to cancel for a non-insured reason, our refund policy is outlined below. We can only process cancellations upon receipt of a cancellation letter. Any refund that you are owed will be sent within 45 days of receipt of your cancellation letter. Encore Tours recommends the Ultimate Plus Protection Plan that allows you to cancel any time up to your day of departure for any reason and receive a cash refund!

Refund Policies for International Tours

Cancellation Coverage for Domestic and Canada Tours

Cancellation Notes

There is no provision for refunds for meals, accommodations, or transportation, including flight costs or activities missed by participants, for reasons of absence once the program has started. Minor alterations in programs will not result in refunds. Pre-departure materials are not sent to participants who cancel from the program. If a participant elects to obtain a refund, that refund shall be Encore Tours’ sole responsibility to participants and parents/legal guardians.

All cancellations must be submitted in writing to Encore Tours’ Boston Headquarters at 330 Congress Street, Suite 5, Boston, MA 02210, or by e-mail to

Reinstatement Fees

Cancelled participants who request to be reinstated must send full payment, including a $175 Reinstatement Fee, plus any additional airline charges, in the form of a cashier’s check or credit card accompanied by a written request to be reinstated. Reinstatements are subject to airline and hotel availability.

Substitution Policy

Substitutions can be made provided that the participant finds a suitable replacement. Substitute participants must forward a completed Encore Tours registration form together with appropriate payment in accordance with the payment schedule. These must arrive in the same envelope as the written notice of cancellation for the participant withdrawing from the program. Please write the word “SUBSTITUTE” in large block letters at the top of the form. The substituting participant will pay the trip fees applicable at the time of their registration on the Encore Tours program.

Substitutions are not possible within 65 days of departure. Refunds will be made within 45 days of the completed substitution, subject to airline and hotel availability.

Substitution Policy Details

Want to learn more about our protection plans? Contact client services at 877-795-0813 or email for additional information!

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