December 12, 2023     Encore Tours

Register Early for Your 2025 Performance Tour and Unlock Extraordinary Rewards for You and Your Ensemble!


Directors, it’s your turn to step into the spotlight! As we raise the curtain on a new travel year, we’re excited to unveil our new Director Rewards Program for 2025—a unique suite of benefits for directors and their ensembles that’s unparalleled in this industry.

We understand the challenges of recruitment, and that’s why we’re equipping you with additional tools (alongside our exceptional existing resources) to help you get started early. The earlier you register, the richer the rewards. Simply get your participants traveling on a 2025 performance tour to register with a $200 deposit before March 15, 2024, and you’ll unlock some truly incredible rewards! These rewards range from travel scholarships and free tour add-ons to upgrades on Prelude, our annual professional development weekend for ensemble directors, which takes place in a spectacular international destination.

ParticipantsEnsemble RewardPrelude Bonus
20+$500 Travel ScholarshipN/A
30+$750 Travel ScholarshipExtra Day on Prelude
40+$1,000 Travel Scholarship OR Free Masterclass added to the tourExtra Day on Prelude OR Flight Upgrade to Premium Economy
50+$1,000 Travel Scholarship OR Free Masterclass added to the tour OR Concert Tickets for All ParticipantsExtra Day on Prelude AND Flight Upgrade to Premium Economy

About Ensemble Rewards

  • Travel Scholarship: Qualifying directors will be rewarded with a travel scholarship for use on their upcoming tour. This scholarship offers financial flexibility, allowing directors to assign the scholarship to one or more participants. It serves as a token of appreciation for the early commitment to the 2025 tour, providing a valuable resource to enhance the overall travel experience. The scholarship is non-transferable, holds no cash value, and is non-refundable in the event of trip cancellation. It must be used for travel with Encore Tours through 2025.
  • Free Masterclass: Groups at this tier will receive a masterclass added to their 2025 tour at no additional cost. We are proud of our vast global network and have relationships with a number of accomplished and knowledgeable music directors from around the world. Adding a masterclass is a great way for your ensemble to glean unique insights that will resonate with your ensemble members. Collaborate with your program consultant to include a masterclass with a local expert and enrich the touring experience for your entire ensemble. This perk is subject to availability and may vary based on the destination.
  • Concert Tickets: Directors reaching the 50-participant tier can choose concert tickets for all participants on their 2025 tour. Work with your program consultant to add tickets to attend a local performance of your choice, enhancing both the musical and cultural experience for your ensemble. Please note that the maximum ticket value is $40 per person; however, this money can be used towards the cost of more expensive tickets if preferred. They are non-refundable in the event of trip cancellation and are subject to availability, varying based on the destination.

About Prelude Rewards

Note: By qualifying for any of these rewards, you would also qualify for two complementary spots on Prelude 2025, which will take place January 16–20 in a yet-to-be determined international destination.

  • Extra Day on Prelude: Qualifying directors will enjoy an extra day on Prelude, our professional development weekend for ensemble directors, which takes place each year in a spectacular international destination. This unique benefit provides an extended and immersive Prelude experience, allowing directors to delve deeper into the musical and cultural enrichment offered during this special event. The extra day includes a hotel stay on a bed and breakfast basis for up to two Prelude attendees, including all applicable taxes. Airport transfers are not included, but please contact your program consultant for more information about pricing and logistics.
  • Flight Upgrade to Premium Economy: Directors who qualify will be eligible for a Premium Economy flight upgrade, contingent upon availability at the time of booking. This is a chance to elevate your travel experience with enhanced comfort and amenities on your Prelude journey. The upgrade covers up to two Prelude attendees, holds no cash value, and, in the event of unavailability, may be substituted for an additional extra hotel night. Please note that the availability of extra days and flight upgrades cannot be guaranteed after April 1, 2024.

The stage is set, and the rewards await! Register your passengers before March 15, 2024, to ensure your ensemble’s place in the spotlight for the 2025 travel year. Have any questions? Contact us today to learn more about how Encore Tours can help you unlock a world of extraordinary perks for your ensemble’s journey!

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