April 16, 2019     Ward Dilmore

Right On Cue: 5 Reasons NOW is the Best Time to Plan a 2020 Performance Tour with your Ensemble


Have you ever missed your cue? The experience is embarrassing—and worse. Everyone who depends on you to hold up your end of the bargain suddenly begins to doubt your abilities. When the spotlight is on you, when it’s your cue: be brilliant!

Spoiler Alert: Here’s…Your…CUE!

Right now is the perfect time to begin planning your 2020 tour for your ensemble. Here’s why:

1) Like all things earthly, your creative plans take time. Time is what we all want more of, and we promise not to waste yours.

2) If you’re working with a dedicated music tour organizer such as Encore Tours, we’ll show you all the essential ingredients that go into creating a great tour. And we’ll need some lead time to help you create your masterpiece by booking your performance venues with guaranteed audiences, reserving centrally-located hotels, and arranging your site visits. Want to include a benefit concert and/or exchange with a local ensemble? No problem, but it will take us a few days in planning and organizing. Our seasoned directors who travel are spicing up the lives of their members by working with us to assemble the right ingredients. Right now.

3) The longer the registration period, the lower the monthly cost to your members. Money talks, nobody walks if the price is right. This is your cue to begin registration early, and we’ll reward your efforts with a red carpet bonus for you and a companion, attending Prelude, Encore’s international professional development & networking weekend.

Two women wearing black dresses standing in front of the empty grand stage at Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Italy.

4) You need funds. We have the fundraising tools! When you travel with Encore, you’ll receive Encore’s Fabulous Fundraiser – a free trip for two to Paris or London – to use to raise money for your performance tour. A great boost for any ensemble, the Fabulous Fundraiser has garnered fundraising results of over $25,000 for many of our Encore directors. Now is the time to organize your fundraising If you miss your cue, you’ll short-change yourself and have fewer participants. Additionally, Encore Tours now offers Personal Fundraising Pages for all Encore Tours passengers! The sooner your participants have to start telling their story and raising funds from their networks, the better.

The Lake Grove Presbyterian Sanctuary Choir in black and white clothing singing in the New Room in Bristol

5) What you perform on tour is important, but equally important: who will perform it. Once you have a core group of touring musicians, your repertoire will fall into line. Focus your attention on recruitment right now! We’ll help you organize a recruitment party and we’ll even come and help you be the perfect host! Life is what you bake of it, but now is not the time to loaf.

Time is what we want more of. And right on cue, we at Encore Tours are here to help you use it wisely.

Do it now. Before now becomes never.

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