May 5, 2022     Encore Tours

Spring Travel Review


If there’s one thing that we have learned over the past few months, it’s that travel is back! With school vacation behind us and summer on the horizon, many of our 2022 groups have already returned to the states and the early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

100% rated their trip overall good or excellent.
100% rated their performances as excellent
100% rated their hotel location good or excellent.
91% rated their meals good or excellent.

We pride ourselves on making performance travel easy for directors, so they can focus on preparing their group to perform. That means fully customized itineraries with well-located hotels, dynamic venues, and expert staff that is dedicated to their success.

These numbers tell part of the story, but to really understand how the past travel season has gone, you need to hear directly from some of our amazing group leaders.


“All concerts were successful and well managed.”

“Carnegie Hall was amazing!”


“All of the food was excellent.”

In all my trips with Encore Tours, [Raschhofer’s Rossbräu] was the best restaurant I have eaten at. I hope to eat here again. Everybody ate all of their food. At the vegan restaurant next door, the food was FANTASTIC!!! I can not thank you enough for such a perfect restaurant to start our trip. It makes a HUGH difference when you start off a trip with everyone well fed on the first night.”


“Close to everything wanted. Easy walking to key locations.”

“FANTASTIC Location. Beautiful views of the mountains. Not sure you can get better than this Hotel. I SIMPLY LOVE THIS HOTEL!!!!!”


“Peter is the Rolls Royce of Tour Guides…I can’t say enough good things about him. He made this trip so incredibly special and memorable. We learned so much from his commentary. The students and chaperones all loved him. He was so organized professional and fun. I hope we can travel with him again!”

“[Our tour guide] was excellent not only in the fact that he was so ever professional, helpful, and knowledgeable, but he made a conscientious effort in connecting with everyone at their level.”

“I cannot say enough good things about Ken. His ebullient personality was a delight. His dedication was real and powerful. For example, when his flight was delayed upon departure, he found our group at the terminal and I do not exaggerate [when I say that] the students mobbed him with affection. You would have thought he was a long-lost loved one. He proceeded to spend the rest of his time sitting with them and regaling them with his stories and listening theirs. We would go anywhere with Ken.”

“Carlotta was professional and efficient in every way.”

“I wish I had teachers this engaging.”

“[John] was wonderful, well prepared, and met the students’ needs immediately.”


“I have been to Japan, Montreal, Argentina, and Italy with Encore. All were very good but this trip is the standout.”

“[Although my predecessor created this trip], I can say that I will proceed with Encore in the future with zero hesitation. We had a perfect experience. James Smith (our tour consultant) could not have been more accommodating these past several months. This was my first time leading a group and he was extremely helpful and pleasant to work with every step of the way.”

“Once again, Encore was amazing and superseded any expectations. With the many bumps we had, I cannot believe it all went so amazingly smooth – thank you Peter and thank you James!”

“This was my seventh tour with Encore, but this ranks as number one of all of my trips.”

We believe that successful music programs and great music travel go hand in hand, and we have seen time and time again how performance travel allows ensembles to forge deeper and more meaningful relationships with each other. We have also seen how performance tours can generate excitement within the community, which aids in recruitment and fundraising efforts.

It has been wonderful getting back to travel and sharing these unforgettable experiences with our travelers. We have more groups traveling now, with a full schedule of departures throughout the coming months. We can’t wait to help everybody come together with people of different backgrounds and cultures and share in the universal language of music!

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