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The Best Outdoor Performances Venues in the Czech Republic

Photo by Xuan Hoa Le on Pexels.com

Although it is best known for its capital city of Prague, there are many wonderful places for musicians to visit in the Czech Republic. From perfectly preserved towns like Cesky Krumlov in Bohemia to beautiful cities like Olomouc in Moravia, there are countless options for building an incredible Czech itinerary. In addition to wonderful choral venues like Church of the Holy Savior in Prague, the Czech Republic offers world-class orchestral halls like Dvorak Hall in the Rudolfinum and Smetana Hall. However, travelers may may not be familiar with the countries many famous spa towns where visitors can enjoy the natural hot springs while soaking in the local history and culture.

The region of Western Bohemia is particularly famous for its spa towns like Karlovy Vary or Mariánské Lázně, which offer unique opportunities for touring ensembles. These cities typically feature half-open colonnades (a long sequence of columns joined by their moldings) with a partially covered concert space. These outdoor venues are ideal for smaller ensembles, and we guarantee that performing in any of these spa towns will create everlasting memories for your group as you perform surrounded by incredible architectural and natural beauty.

In this post, we will highlight some of the delightful outdoor venues available throughout the Czech Republic.

Colonnade Marienbad (Mariánské Lázně)

Photo via Jim Linwood – Inside The Colonnade, Marianske Lazne (Marienbad), Czech Republic.

When you pass through the heart of Marienbad, you have the sense that you have been transported back to the turn of the 20th century. Built in 1888, this beautiful cast iron structure, created in the Blansko Ironworks, contains unique decorations, including a coffered wood ceiling and incredible frescoes by J. Vyleťal. Splendid spa buildings alternate with blossoming parks in which spa guests relax and nourish themselves with water from some of the town’s famous springs. The Colonnade is located near renowned Singing Fountain, where you can listen to one of several compositions that are played every other hour. During the summer, ensembles have the opportunity to perform in the Colonnade shell, and enjoy an almost fairytale-esque experience.

Mill Colonnade (Karlovy Vary)

Photo via Olga1969 – Czech Republic, city of Karlovy Vary. Market colonnade with mineral water sources.

With imposing colonnades, exclusive spa buildings, and a wonderful layout in the heart of a forested valley, the Colonnades of Karlovy Vary are the embodiment of spa elegance. Thanks in large part to its unique architecture, this is the second most visited spot in the Czech Republic.

The Colonnade is conveniently located in the city centre and provides the ideal setting for an afternoon concert for bands, orchestras or choirs with non-sacred repertoires. After a successful concert, don’t forget to treat yourself to some spa wafers — a traditional and incredibly popular snack. The first bakery to specialise in spa wafers opened in 1867, and since that time, they have become a favorite snack for both locals and visitors.

The Shell (Teplice)

The oldest spa town in the north west, Teplice, is well known for its connection to a musical legend, Ludwig van Beethoven. He was so inspired by the beauty of the town that he composed the 7th and 8th symphonies in Teplice. The open-air concerts in Telpice are organized in a venue known as The Shell, which is located in the middle of a beautiful park.

Poděbrady Collonade (Poděbrady)


Located in central Bohemia is Poděbrady, one of the most important Czech spa towns for over a century. Thanks to its springs, stable weather, and scenic location on the banks of the Elbe, Poděbrady has seen its popularity continue to soar. For performing ensembles, their outdoor stage is ideal for bands, smaller orchestras, and choirs with lighter repertoire.

Luhačovice Spa Colonnade (Luhačovice)


Luhačovice may be the fourth biggest spa in the Czech Republic, but it’s also one of the most beautiful. Set in a picturesque valley surrounded by the Vizovice Highlands and the White Carpathians, this is an incredible spot for an outdoor performance. Luhačovice is located roughly three hours outside of Prague, and less than two hours from the Slovak capital of Bratislava, making it a popular stopping point for traveling ensembles. The concert venue, which is ideal for orchestras and bands, is partially enclosed and located inside a beautiful park.

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