July 26, 2013     Chris Keeling

The Best Reasons to Travel Overseas!


This list a bit of a “no-brainer”.  I think everyone sees the value in traveling abroad, but sometimes we don’t take the opportunities that are given to us to get out of the U.S. and see the world.  Here is a small list of reasons why I travel, and also what I have gotten out of such experiences.

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5. Meeting New People

One of my favorite things about traveling abroad is the ability to meet new people.  When you are in your home town, it is tough to go out and just strike up a conversation with someone you have never met.  When you are traveling abroad, it is a completely different experience – people know you are not from that city.  It is a great conversation starter and typically leads to an amazing experience.

In my travels, I have found people to be very open and helpful to travelers.  You will also get the best insight on where to go and what to see from someone who is born and raised in that particular country.  Some people I have met only for a night are still friends with me today.


Tourists taking a dance lesson in Puerto Rico

4. Experiencing Different Cultures

There is no better way to learn about a culture than to be submerged in it.  Not only is it so fascinating to see firsthand how countries work and to experience the rich history around the world.  It is a great way to put our own lives in perspective.

The main thing I’ve taken away from my travels is that we are all more alike than we think.  Even though language, nonverbal communication, and even eye contact may be different, love, laughter, and kindness are all universal.


Group of students smiling at the Colosseum

3. Seeing the World

Another great thing about traveling is that the experiences can never be taken away from you; they just keep building!  This means that your bucket list can actually be accomplished.  Seeing the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Colosseum in Rome are actually possible.  They are not just something you read about, they are actually tangible experiences that you can have if you can get overseas to do it!


Indian food featuring saffron basmati rice

2. The Food!

We might just have about every type of restaurant in the U.S., but eating at Olive Garden just can’t compare with eating at a restaurant in Florence, Italy.  I always think you can get a great perspective into a culture by experiencing their food and the customs that come along with it.  Not only is this a great way to experience a culture, it is one of the most fun!


Young museum-goers analyzing artwork

1.  The Arts

My absolute favorite reason for traveling is to experience the “classics”.  I could spend days in the Louvre and still not see a fraction of the art I would like.  I’ve been lucky enough to see a show in places like the Salzburg Opera House, the West End, and Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, to name a few.  Not only is the quality of art so amazing throughout Europe, but people still have a deep passion for the classics.  I love to see this!

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