May 10, 2013     Chris Keeling

Top 5 Things Choirs Should See in Austria!


Austria is a beautiful country with a long, rich history of culture and arts. Still, the one thing that stands out the most would have to be its connection to some of the greatest music & artists of all time. I wanted to share with you my top 5 activities that choirs need to do if they are touring Austria!

5. Sound of Music Tour

Anyone that is a fan of 'The Sound of Music' will love taking this tour. Not only does it take you to some of the most famous sites featured the movie, you get to enjoy Salzburg in all of its beauty.

4. Visit the House of Music in Vienna

This is an interactive discovery museum located in the heart of Vienna, nestled between St. Stephen’s Cathedral & the Vienna State Opera house. This is definitely not your typical music museum! 5,000 square meters are dedicated to different approaches to music and to the experience of music itself.

The highlight here for me is being able to virtually conduct the famous Vienna Philharmonic! For musicians & music lovers alike, this is a must.

3. Visit/Perform in Melk Abbey

       Melk Abbey is one of the world’s most famous monastic sites. Originally founded in 1089, the beautiful abbey we see today was built between 1702 and 1736. This is one of the most impressive architectural structures I have ever seen. The abbey is a shining example of Austria’s wealth and influence during this period.

       Choirs often get the opportunity to perform a short 15-minute recital here for the many visitors that come to the Abbey every day. It will definitely be an experience you and your choir will take with you for the rest of your lives.


2. See a performance by the Vienna Boy Choir

       The Vienna Boy Choir is one of, if not, the most famous boy choirs in the world. This is a large choir of about one hundred voices of trebles & altos. The history of this organization is just as impressive: the modern-day choir dates back all the way to the late Middle Ages and was first established in 1498.

       The choir is still going strong, and has a long history of excellence.  If you are lucky enough to see them while in Austria, you will not be disappointed.

1.   Sing in the Salzburg Cathedral

       The Salzburg Cathedral (also known as the Salzburger Dom) is a gorgeous 17th century Baroque Cathedral. This ancient cathedral was founded in 774 and rebuilt in 1181.  Not only is in the center of Salzburg, it was also the place where Mozart was choirmaster.  Not only are the acoustics of the space amazing, many of Mozart’s earlier pieces were written specifically for this cathedral's acoustics.

       If your choir gets a chance to sing here, do it! It truly is like stepping back in time— to walk in the footsteps of so many amazing musicians that have performed here in the past.

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