September 10, 2014     Tori Cook

Tour Manager Spotlight: Meet Peter Ede


Encore Tour Manager Peter Ede

Get to know our tour managers — well-traveled, fascinating individuals who will make your Encore performance tours truly unique and unforgettable. Today we’re happy to introduce you to Peter Ede!

A quick background on Peter:

  • Education: Cambridge University, Languages and Law
  • Languages Peter speaks: German, Dutch, French, Spanish
  • Where in the world Peter has called home?: UK, Germany, Holland, Israel, US, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Finland, Switzerland and Monaco
  • Peter’s passions: History, writing, travel, dogs, camping

Hi Peter, thanks for chatting with us! What would you say sparked your love of travel?

My Dad was in the forces and my parents believed we should explore where we were, rather than coming back to the UK. So, we did huge tours of Europe every summer, first with a tent, then an orange VW Kombi. It was the perfect introduction to travel and created a life-long passion for me.  I’ve now visited 65 countries round the world and am still counting!

Encore Tour Manager Peter Ede

That’s amazing! What eye-opening experiences to have growing up, especially the orange Kombi. What’s one thing you wish every young adult/student could experience while traveling?

Simply realizing that there’s a world out there and that things are different to home. They may be better (in which case we can learn), or not so good (we can appreciate what we have at home). But the experience will broaden the mind like none other. Meeting other people and understanding different ways of life is priceless.

Encore Tour Manager Peter Ede

With all of those incredible countries you’ve visited and languages you speak, what would you say is your favorite foreign expression?

Pinkelpause” – German for stopping for a bathroom!

Not only are you part of the Encore team, but you are also a very accomplished Tour Manager within ACIS, our parent educational travel company. What do you think is unique about leading an Encore performance tour versus an educational travel tour?

Leading an Encore tour is like being an “advanced” tour manager. The logistical challenges are often much greater, not least because the groups tend to be bigger, but the rewards are enormous. Groups come focused on their performance and seeing their enjoyment at that is hugely satisfying.

Thanks for chatting with us, Peter!

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