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Travel Voucher FAQ


At Encore Tours, we’re here to help. We know you may have questions about how you can use your travel vouchers, so we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide some clarity. Have any additional questions? Please contact us to learn more. 

What are Encore Tours travel vouchers? 

At Encore, our travel vouchers give you the opportunity to springboard toward future travel.  They serve as a credit for your next trip with Encore, ACIS, or our parent company, AIFS. Our travel vouchers retain the value of all money paid into a traveler’s account less any refund amounts and/or cancellation fees. 

How can I use mtravel voucher? 

You can use our vouchers on any Encore or ACIS program outside of the USA and Canada. That includes our new Music Appreciation Trips, as well as ACIS’ Summer Adventures and Signature Tours

Vouchers can also be used on college-level programs like AIFS’ College Study Abroad and Global Experience’s international internship programs.  These study abroad programs are offered in 22 different countries, with short-term, semester, and academic year options.  Internships are available in 13 different locations and cover career fields ranging from business to non-profit to technical fields. 

How exactly do I redeem or transfer my voucher? 

If you have cancelled your trip and are due a voucher as part of your refund, a voucher will be sent to you in the mail. In order to redeem your voucher, you would need to send your voucher back to our Boston headquarters or speak directly with our traveler support team. 

If you would like to transfer your voucher to a new participant, we ask that you send us an email that contains the full name of the person receiving your voucher (preferably as a handwritten attachment for security reasons). To ensure a secure transfer of the voucher, we ask that you include the person receiving the voucher in your email. 

For additional information, you can email our traveler support team at accounts@encoretours.com or call us at 877-460-3801. 

Can I redeem my travel voucher for cash? 

No. Our vouchers are not redeemable for cash; however, they are fully transferable to anybody who is not already registered. That means you can sell them to a friend, classmate, or ensemble member who is interested in one of our programs. 

I received a voucher after my tour was rescheduled or canceled due to Covid-19. What do I need to know? 

When 2020 trips were initially postponed, we opted to issue travel vouchers rather than imposing cancellation penalties. If you received one of these vouchers, your voucher needs to be redeemed for travel starting before December 31, 2022. 

When and how will I receive my travel voucher? 

Your travel voucher will automatically be applied to your account. You will see the travel voucher listed as a non-refundable credit on your “My Account” page. 

For specific questions related to an upcoming trip, group leaders can reach out to their program consultants. For any participants or parents, we encourage you to communicate directly with your group leader for any updates. For more general questions, you can email us at accounts@encoretours.com.

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