May 27, 2020     Encore Tours

Virtual Director’s Exchange – Episode 3 (Ft. David Grandis and Arnaud Schotte)


In the third episode of our Virtual Director’s Exchange, David Grandis (Director of Orchestras at William & Mary) and Arnaud Schotte (Director of Brass at Conservatoire de Lyon) join host Sabrina Nikolov to discuss all things France. In addition to talking about how the current pandemic has affected their ensembles, some of the topics discussed include recommendations for your next French trip, their favorite performance venues, and so much more!

Although we may be unable to create music or travel together right now, staying connected is more important than ever before. At Encore, we love interacting with music directors, educators, and members of our vast international network. We’re missing those connections right now, but we know that someday soon, travel will return. Until then, speaking with musicians around the globe and hearing about how their lives have been affected by recent events serves as yet another reminder that we’re all in this together.

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