August 8, 2012     James Knapp

¡Viva España!


     The stunning Iberian Peninsula is one of the many places where Encore creates stunning concert tours and it's certainly one of my favorite destinations. I had the huge pleasure to hear two ensembles traveling with us perform here this summer! The Norwalk Youth Symphony and Cantare con Vivo are a few of the groups that have embarked on international music tours to Spain with us.

     No stranger to overseas travel, these groups have toured other parts of Europe as well, but it was their first time to Spain. They were thrilled with the itineraries, the concerts and especially the full audiences. From meaningful collaborations to participating in international music festivals such as the Granada International Music Festival, these groups saw the very best of Spain. I could not have been more proud of their performances!

     If music be the food of love, play on— but make sure to dine your way through Spain as well! The most fun is eating tapas through the country so you get to experience the many local specialties. Music and food: a truly spectacular combination.

For those of you who have considered Spain, just go— you will not be disappointed!

Cantare con Vivo singing in Barcelona, Spain

Cantare con Vivo singing in Barcelona, Spain

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