February 11, 2013     Rebecca Ray

Wally’s Jazz Cafe



Wally’s Jazz Cafe

Last Friday I was taken to Wally’s, an underground music scene that everyone who knows anyone in the music industry knows about; well except for me that is. A brick building with no sign yet a trail of people of all types out of the door waiting to get in. No kitchen but a bar stocked with everything you can imagine.  The music is the main course of this place and it is a fine cuisine indeed. Established in 1947 it is one of the oldest family operated and owned jazz clubs in existence. While other Boston jazz clubs went under, Wally’s stayed strong drawing in audiences by featuring talent from the New England Conservatory of Music, the Boston Conservatory, and Berklee College of Music.

I walked in to a hip crowd of young and old,  and I walked in without paying a cover-wow! Live music can be un-obtainable to someone on a budget; but not at Wally’s. It’s all about sharing good music to those who appreciate it. There is a sense of community in the place. I love live music; it brings people of all types together. That is what I love about our international performance tours. They bring people of all types together.

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