Performance tours to Japan provide your group with a distinctive experience that is rich in engrossing history and culture. Plan to have your choir sing at various concert halls across the nation, or have your orchestra participate in a master class with a clinician to improve their performance and instrument techniques. There are so many possibilities for developing your musical skills and discover unique, new musical opportunities.


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Learn about Japan's most popular cities including Tokyo, Osaka, and Shizuoka!

  • Tokyo


    Serving as the capital and largest city in Japan, Tokyo's metropolitan area is the most populous in the world, with over 37 million residents. Visitors to Tokyo have what seems like an endless array of options for dining, entertainment, shopping, and culture. There are also a large number of first-rate museums, ancient temples, and gardens, allowing travelers to experience Japan's vast history in addition to all of their modern comforts. Tokyo has many easily accessible parks and other green spaces, making it a truly unique destination for any touring ensemble.



    The third most populous city in Japan, Osaka has traditionally been considered Japan's economic hub. Not only is it home to the Osaka Exchange, but also the headquarters for major electronics corporations including Panasonic and Sharp. Osaka is a mesmerizing city that offers some of the best food, culture, and nightlife in Japan. It combines retro charm with modern flair, making it a must-see destination for your group.

  • Shizuoka


    Located less than two hours from Tokyo -- and accessible through a beautiful coastal train route -- Shizuoka is a scenic and relaxing destination for your ensemble. In addition to the wonderful local venues, there are many resorts and hot springs in the region with volcanic foothills that extend out to the Izu Peninsula. Shizuoka produces roughly half of all green tea consumed in Japan, so don't forget to stop for a nice, hot beverage!

From modern concert halls and outdoor venues to joint performances at local schools, there is no shortage of fantastic performance options for your ensemble.

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