With a rich history, heritage, food, culture and a population filled with fun-loving people, Portugal is an incredible destination for any performance tour. Portuguese music is also incredibly diverse, and has seen an explosion in populular artists in recent years. From that up-and-coming music scene to endless sunshine to affordable prices and delicious seafood, find out why Portugal has become an increasingly popular destination.


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The distinct regions of Spain each boast amazing major cities with much to offer. From Barcelona and Valencia on the Mediterranean coast to Seville and Granada in southern Andalusia and the capital Madrid and UNESCO Human Heritage City of Segovia in the center, each city offers a unique culture and lifestyle.

  • Lisbon


    The capital of Portugal, Lisbon is also the largest city in Portugal with a population north of 500,000. Known for its rich history, spectacular architecture and colorful tiles, as well as it's delicious food, Lisbon is one of the most diverse and exciting cities in Europe.



    One of Europe's most popular cities to visit, Porto features a stunning Old Town on the scenic Douro River, amazing Beaux Arts and a slew of Baroque churches and palaces around the city. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Porto feels cozy and traditional with narrow streets, gorgeous buildings, and picturesque coastlines.

From classic European-style theaters to modern concert halls, dramatic cathedrals, plazas and courtyards there is no shortage of fantastic performance options for your ensemble. In addition there are numerous summer music festivals throughout the country.

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